Whatsapp Bold and italic and strikethrough

How to Use Whatsapp Bold, Italic or Strikethrough Formatting Features while Chatting

Whatsapp has roll out its new feature with the text formatting bold, italic and strikethrough. The Feature is available with the new update running 2.12.17 version on iOS and 2.12.535 version for Android. Find Bellow the 2016 Download Usability of whatsapp new bold, italic and strikethrough Feature.


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Whatsapp Add Bold and Italic and Strikethrough

The Latest Update of Whatsapp allow user to send bold, italic and strikethrough formated Messages to WhatsApp chat. Still Many User did not receive the Whatsapp Latest Update features in their latest android phone. People are still waiting for the bold, italic and strikethrough WhatsApp Features in their phone.

Find Bellow How to Use the bold, italic and strikethrough Features in their phone.


Add Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Formatting to WhatsApp Text Messages/Chat

Whatsapp Bold Formatting in Whatsapp Chatting

Bold: Enclosed the specific word or phrase within asterisk ( * )

[ Example : *Genrontech* ]

This will Make your Whatsapp Chat Text look bold in nature.

Whatsapp Italic Formatting in Whatsapp Chatting

Italics: Enclosed the specific word or phrase within underscore ( _ )

[ Example : _Genrontech_ ]

This will make your whatsapp chat text in italic

Whatsapp Strikethrough Formatting in Whatsapp Chatting

Strikethrough: Enclosed the specific word or phrase within tilde ( ~ )

[ Example : ~Genrontech~ ]

This will make your whatsapp chat text to have a Strikethrough

A Combination of above-given format will also help you to generate combine formatting while chatting. like using bold and italic in one word or phrase.

Example : _*Genrontech.com*_

This will given Result Like Bold+Italic Genrontech.com

GenronTech Header-Cartoon

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