How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos

How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos

Youtube Youtube Youtube! What is youtube and how people can earn money from youtube on it?.

Today I am going to explain your process to earn online money by using youtube. YouTube is a place where people earn millions in a year or in some months. People now days are crazy about youtube earning but they don’t know the process of youtube earning and how YouTube will pay them?

Everyone knows youtube, youtube is a web portal where we find millions of video and can watch them for free. Videos like movies, short films, ads, films trailers, Tv Shows and much more. But how People can earn from it?

Let we start


Maybe this will help you to understand

  1. Upload your Video on Youtube
  2. Make enable to monetize your videos for ads display
  3. Make your video viral and collect income for every random view

While uploading Videos on Youtube, they allow us to monetize our video for ads display, if we allow ads to be displayed on our videos then youtube share the income with us.


Advertiser’s Point of View

Advertisers buy service from youtube called “AdWords” which allows advertisers to display there videos ads on youtube website. it’s like marketing the product or service through ads. it is same like Tv Ads while watching movies or serials advertisers 2 min ads use to display on tv in mid of serials or films. In same way youtube also allows advertisers ads to be displayed at the beginning or mid of videos.

Publisher’s Point of View

The publisher is you who allows the ads to be displayed on your own videos. To display ads on youtube videos you need to sign in for AdSense service or video monetization by youtube, Then only it will allow you to monetize your video with ad service and you will get paid for it.

Find How to Enable youtube monetization on your own videos.

Why will youtube pay you?

Youtube share the advertiser’s income with you. Advertisers pay for the service and youtube share the advertisers pay with you. i.e with the publisher.

How much can be earned on Youtube?

Well, its has been said that youtube pay for 1000 views  = 1$, but it not true. sometimes its can be 2000 view = 1$ or may be more view with less amount. it only depends on people engaging towards your video. the more interesting videos equal to more money.

Views and income from Youtube

There are many people who earn millions on youtube like Super women, Bhuvan Bam etc. just need to be more creative on your work.


What kind of videos will help to earn fast income on youtube?

There are lot more topics which help you to earn millions on youtube. I will share you the secret. Always try for something new from your side. don’t copy others if they make good videos or income. try to Find Your Perfect Skill.

List of Skills for Youtube videos making to earn millions in the least time.

How to get paid for youtube videos?

The youtube Adsense account is the place where all the money gets accumulated. we have to link our youtube AdSense account with the bank account and every month on date 22 the amount gets credit to our bank account.

How to Setup Youtube AdSense Account

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