Freedom 251 delivery

Freedom 251 delivery starts Today Only 5000 Sets Are Ready



So finally the day has come …. The world cheapest phone that is Freedom 251 from the company Ringing Bells Is going to launch Today. The Company started it delivery of freedom 251. The company is delivering only 5000 handsets To the end consumers. Not each and every person is going to get the phone due to the losses bearing by the company. On the current record, Ringing bell company is facing a loss Off around Rs 182 to rs 270 on each Handset. The Ringing Bell CEO Mohit Goel Is demanding for an help from the government

saying that if the government is willing to credit out Rs. 50,000 crores, he can ensure that 750 million of India’s population would become part of digital India by owning a smartphone at Rs. 251.

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It’s not easy that each and every person should get the delivery of  freedom 251 phone, But it is not possible also, but it will take time For the company to deliver all the phones to millions of end consumers. The company is lacking funds And due to which it is not been possible for the company to deliver phone on time to all the consumers. The companies delivering only 5000 handsets to First 5000 consumers only. The delivery process will start from Delhi.

After being a lot of controversy, the company now finally have decided to distribute the first 5000 handsets. The costs of mobile is only ₹ 251 but the company is demanding ₹ 40 extra for delivery and handling charges. So the total cost of the mobile phone goes upto ₹291. So let’s see after delivering the 5000 handsets what the government will do for the company or whether the government will help Ringing Bill company for funding so that each and every consumer should get the mobile phone in Only ₹251



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