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20 Tips on How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

Important Factors you must consider to Choose a Web Hosting Service Company


What is Web Hosting Service?

We always think how information retrieves on the internet, who uploads the information on globe, how people get their query solved so that the people should get his/her searched query on the internet, Information stored on hosting are being retrieved for user search.

Basically, Web Hosting refers to a disk on the globe where this information’s are being saved. It is like a huge hard disk or a storage device like SSD where information can be stored. We store our information on computer HDD when we required our data we search and use it. Same as Web Hosting is also a huge storage device where a user can search his query and the internet will produce the result from hosting server.

Web Hosting service are always needed for uploading website information. Website are built from a number of pages and pages contain information to end users. To be live on a website we have to upload our website data on hosting service.



Paid Web Hosing

Web Hosting service cost us yearly or quarterly for uploading data. Say about $7 for a month. To be live always we have to purchase the best service from all Hosting service providers. It is always beneficial to do some research or getting reviews from current users of that service.


Free Web Hosting

Free hosting is very useful for beginners. Who want to learn hosting service for free of cost? I always recommend my student to build a site with free hosting and free domain.

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Important Factor Consider to Choose a Web Hosting Service


Machinery or Hardware Support

Try to select hosting services with Best and latest Hardware Technology. Outdated hosting service is valuable to website hack, they are less secure, a better technology would lead to good speed in accessing data for end users. Ask your hosting provider about the kind of machinery they use for hosting customer websites and data. Is the machinery is outdated or latest one your should ask them? The speed of the data retrieval also depends on the quality machinery equipment.

Speed of Hosting Service

Speed is the important factor while choosing a hosting service. Low Load Time experience for end users are always beneficial for high visitors rating. People love to visit kind of website which retrieves information within nanoseconds. Fastest Speed depends on kinds of Hardware and software are being used in Hosting Company

Bandwidth or File Transfer

Bandwidth refers to the number of visitors in current time. It is always better to buy a hosting service with unlimited bandwidth. If your website load time to access web page is around 2MB and you have 1000 visitors then you loss a bandwidth of 2GB in the current month. And 2Gb Bandwidth is very low. 1000 visitors per month are very normal for any good content website on the internet. So better your buy with unlimited bandwidth hosting

Disk Space Availability

Do check for the storage space available for website. Some low-grade plan provides least amount of storage space for Hosting your website. Video Websites should purchase unlimited storage space for better functionality. It’s also Help to upload ample of information on the server.


PHP, Perl and MySQL

Support of PHP script, Perl, and MySQL Database. We always Required To run a script for credit card working, bank statement, Accept user data, email sending. so check for all PHP support.

Email Support

Before buying hosting service, we have to see how many email ids are being provided to create for a particular domain. Does the hosting provider support Email, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Autoresponders, Email forwarders etc, Functions available with email configuration. In basic Hosting plan, they provide 5 email id and in unlimited hosting they provide unlimited email id create. So better take your perfect decision

Technical Support by Host Provider

Check the technical support from the Hosting service like

  • How they will help you?
  • How much time they will take to solve your query?
  • How they will solve?
  • Waiting time for solving your query?
  • Qualify & skill of the technical person

The service should provide better technical support instead of concentrating on sales perspective. Before buying, have an online chat with the sales team and technical team of Hosting provider. Ask them about the service and profit which you will get by buying their service. Ask them about how many numbers of live visitor can hold by our web site on a single time, if we take their Hosting Service.

Backup for Data

Check weather hosting provider gives a support for any backup service ask them is it a paid service or free service. Backup is important to secure your website or blog from any malfunction attacks or virus attacks.

Security by Host Provider

Having a Secure transaction between server and user is always an example of good hosting service. The hosting Provide should provide Secure Server with SSL Security. So buy hosting service with high-security with personal Data, Banking Details, Website Database etc.

Hosting Control Panel

Hosting Control panel provides shortcuts for creating a database, Users, Domain Setup, Auto Script to Install WordPress, Drupal etc. Hosting Panel Are very Important for any non-technical Guy, as they can work efficiently on just some clicks. They assist users for all technical working with Hosting Service like Domain Assigning, Subdomain Create, Virus scanning, Upload and Download Data.

Choose a Web Hosting Service

High UP Time

High Uptime refers to the availability of the website for 24 hours 7 days. Some hosting service disables their online visibility if the limits of live visitors exceed, that happens only if the Hosting server can’t handle live visitors on the website. If your have visitors more than 1000 I will suggest you to go for VPN Hosting. Basic Unlimited Hosting plans can handle only 300 to 600 Runtime visitors.

Renewal Process

Check out the renewal process of the Hosting Provider. Some Hosting Provider do charge Extra for Renewal process. Check for any coupons code available for Hosting Renewal. Search on google for coupons

Use of Custom Nameserver or Domain Assigning

Check for Custom Nameserver Edit Available for Hosting Service. Check for CDN Support in Hosting Service.

Subdomain Adding

How many Numbers of Subdomain can be created for Primary Doman. Some Cheap Hosting Provider allow 3 to 5 subdomain to primary doman. Read properly before Buying Hosting Service. Sub domain are the additional domain name which you can attach with you primary domain.

Choose a Web Hosting Service

Server Upgrade

Upgrade is very necessary for today’s online stuff. A proper and regular update to specific machine and software are very important for perfect hosting service. Better check last 5 year update Hosting Provider have done to cope up with the today’s world.


Auto-script Installer

Check for how many auto script are been provided in hosting panel.

Choose a Web Hosting Service

Database, Table and Users

How many database and table we can create in hosting service.

Choose a Web Hosting Service

Advertisement or Ads

Basically, ads display are the problems with free hosting service. They provide free hosting with ads display. They don’t charge you but display their ads on your free hosting. If you are working with free hosting service they check for ads.

Choose Linux or Windows Hosting Service

Decide which server hosting you required for hosting your website. If your website is html, php, perl based than you should select Linux hosting or if you using, mysql then you required windows hosting. Be clear before choosing Web Hosting Services.


Development Tool Linux Windows
 WordPress® or other Web apps
 Dreamweaver or other WYSIWYG apps
 PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python, or Perl
 I have no idea what any of this means



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