how to configure wifi router

How to Configure Wifi Router

How to Configure WiFi Router Easily within 10 Minutes ( With Photos )

Router is the Network devices which are used to connect all your external devices to each other. Mostly Router is use for connecting multiple computing devices like Mobile, Tablet, Computer, Laptop, Desktop Etc. Router Cost around $23 to $150 depends on the Speed and working. Specially Router is used to share Single Internet Connection on multiple computers.

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Before Starting off the Setting, Reset your router by pressing the reset button for 1 minutes. its will erase all your pre-setting with the router and your can set your setting manually from a start.
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Steps – How to Configure WiFi Router?

Login Into Router Settings

  1. Open your web Browser
  2. Enter or  or and – Press Enter ( IP to Login in Router Setting )
  3. Login to your router by entering the IP address to access the router setting.
  4. Enter Default Username: admin and Password: admin – Press Enter

How to Configure Wifi Router


Setup ISP Setting – Username & Password

  1. After Login GoTo “Network TAB > WAN”
  2. Select WAN Connection Type: PPPoE/Russia PPPoE
  3. Enter Username: XXXXX
  4. Enter Password: XXXXXXX
  5. Confirm Password: XXXXXXX
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Advance Tab

How to Configure Wifi Router


Enter Your ISP Provider Service

  1. Under Advance Tab
  2. Enter Service Name: XXXXXX ( Ask Your Provider )
  3. Click Save

How to Configure Wifi Router



How to Configure WiFi Router Name And Password?


Setup WiFi Name

  1. Select “Wireless TAB > Wireless Settings”
  2. Enter Wireless Network Name: Genron Education
  3. Select Your Country: United States
  4. Click Save

How to Configure Wifi Router


Setup Wireless Password

  1. Select “Wireless > Wireless Security”
  2. Enter Your Password for your WiFi: XXXXXXXX
  3. Click Save

How to Configure Wifi Router


Check Your Network Connection

We have done with the WiFi Router Setup.The Network is active.

How to Configure Wifi Router

After setting up your configuration, you can access the internet on all your WiFi devices by Just clicking WiFi name and enter the password.

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