How to Connect Free Wifi Without Password at your Home or Office Surrounding

This is what we called a Perfect Idea to Connect WiFi Without Password. The Idea works with any of your Mobile Phone Like Iphone, Andriod, BlackBerry Etc. – If You Forget your WIFI Password and still want to connect to Wifi router or You want your phone connected to someone else router then this is the best technique to Connect WiFi Without having a Password. The Trick is possible by using Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The Function is as easy as switching on/Off a Wifi. Get Down to know More.


What is Wi-Fi Protected Setup?
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS; originally Wi-Fi Simple Config) is a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network. Read More


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How To Connect WiFi Without Password?

Step 1: Get it into WIFI Selection Setting
Step 2: Select WPS Push Button on Andriod or Iphone Option
Step 3: Now your Andriod or Iphone is waiting for the Router Connection
Step 4: Press WPS / Fast Lane Button on Router (No Need to Long Press)
Step 5: Walla ! Your Phone is Auto Connected to Wifi Router through WPS Without Password


How To Connect WiFi Without Password? Work with Android, Iphone, Blackberry. Images Are provided for better Illustration.

Image 1 : Your Can See the Andriod Phone is Not Connected to my Netgear router.

How To Connect WiFi Without Password

Image 2 : Get it into WPS Push Button inside your Phone Wifi Option

Under Wifi Setting Press WPS Button wot connect wifi Without Password

Image 3 : After Press on WPS Push Button > The Phone is waiting for the Wifi router WPS Active

Waiting for The WPS Signal From Wifi

Image 4 : Press The WPS / FastLane Button on WIFI Router. It can be available on any side.

Press WPS Button on wifi router

Image 5 : Press WPS Button to Connect WiFi Without Password

Wifi Without Password

Image 6 : WPS Connected and Your Phone is Connect to WiFi Router Without Password

How To Connect WiFi Without Password

Image 7 : Connect WiFi Without Password as show in Image.

How To Connect WiFi Without Password

Conclusion : This is not a trick, it’s just an another way to connect WIFI Router to Any Mobile Phone (Iphone, Andriod, BlackBerry Etc.) The another way to connect your Wifi Router to Phone only in can if you forget your Wifi Password and still want to connect yourphone to Wifi. Happy Being Connecting WiFi Without Password.


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