How To Pay For Freedom 251- Payment Not Working New UPDATE

How To Make Payment For Freedom 251 on Website

What the hell is this How To Pay For Freedom 251, Why the is not accepting the payment, did I booked the phone, did the website accepted my order, did cash on delivery will be there for my order. lots of questions and no answers for the single user. They are no Update also from Ringing Bells. Will I am going to get this Mobile Phone for Rs 251. The payment method is still not revealed by the freedom251 website admin. basically, the freedom251 website is only accepting the user database, the data is submitting and redirecting to the home page of, The website confirms that they will send a freedom251  payment link to their email id. so that the payment method can be roll out easily.

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“Every Buddy is asking me the same question on comment and here I am announcing the answer – Yes Cash On Delivery is available for Freedom 251. Total 7.35 CR Order is received from the website and company need 30,000 customers should pay for their phone amount, and that value is achievable, The remaining amount will be generated one on one delivery to every customers. Find Out the next 2 phase for booking your new Freedom 251 now. The next phase will be available soon to every Indian. The 1 Phase is Over and 2 phase will Start soon.”
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I have Attached My Screenshot of Successfully Booking My Freedom 251

payment method for Freedom 251

The website is live now, but the website is not responding to the end users because the final page of booking the phone is redirecting to the home page.

People want to know the reason behind this, They have lots more question on booking the phone. so here I am reviewing some answer about the freedom 251

WHY is the Page redirecting to the Home page after booking?

The answer is the website is still not accepting the Booking orders. The Website is still under the process of booking order. They have not generated the Payment Page to Book the final Phone. The payment page is accessed by the third party software which is, People need to wait for the time to confirm their orders on


Successful Payment Method For Booking Freedom 251

New Update: 19 Feb 2016 – 12 pm: ” The booking Process started with the new Method The is accepting the orders. The Order will be placed by submitting your data to the website, later the will send you the payment link to your email id. “

” Fill Your correct Data to the Shipping form and generate your email link to get the freedom 251 payment method. The payment is available with cash on delivery, Credit Card, Debit cards, Online Bank Transaction. The CC avenue is handling the payment method for ”

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Step To Follow For Confirm Booking Freedom 251

  1. Enter In address Bar (Your will Be directly taken to booking page)
  2. Keep Pressing F5 if website does not respond or Open
  3. Fill all Your Details in CAPITAL LETTERS
  4. Press ORDER NOW
  5. If nothing happens, then press F5 and click confirm- repeat until u get the given link listed bellow
  6. Check Your Address Bar for link ( )
  7. If the same Link (given above) appear on your address bar  Then your order is confirmed
  8. Enjoy your Freedom 251 Mobile Phone.
  9. Book For your family Too.
  10. Still having Problem – Comment Bellow I will Solve your problem
  11. Find : Get Your Email Payment Link for Freedom 251

Video Tutorial For Booking Freedom 251 – Step By Step Successfully Booking

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payment method for Freedom 251

Now time accessing the is difficult because the website is hit by lacs of user per sec, due to such event the website bandwidth is getting slow. so keep on trying, or try to book at night 2 am. Surely you will get your Order confirmed.

The payment of the freedom251 is now available and can be booked now.

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