How To Pay For Freedom 251- Payment Not Working New UPDATE

How To Make Payment For Freedom 251 on Website

What the hell is this How To Pay For Freedom 251, Why the is not accepting the payment, did I booked the phone, did the website accepted my order, did cash on delivery will be there for my order. lots of questions and no answers for the single user. They are no Update also from Ringing Bells. Will I am going to get this Mobile Phone for Rs 251. The payment method is still not revealed by the freedom251 website admin. basically, the freedom251 website is only accepting the user database, the data is submitting and redirecting to the home page of, The website confirms that they will send a freedom251  payment link to their email id. so that the payment method can be roll out easily.

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“Every Buddy is asking me the same question on comment and here I am announcing the answer – Yes Cash On Delivery is available for Freedom 251. Total 7.35 CR Order is received from the website and company need 30,000 customers should pay for their phone amount, and that value is achievable, The remaining amount will be generated one on one delivery to every customers. Find Out the next 2 phase for booking your new Freedom 251 now. The next phase will be available soon to every Indian. The 1 Phase is Over and 2 phase will Start soon.”
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I have Attached My Screenshot of Successfully Booking My Freedom 251

payment method for Freedom 251

The website is live now, but the website is not responding to the end users because the final page of booking the phone is redirecting to the home page.

People want to know the reason behind this, They have lots more question on booking the phone. so here I am reviewing some answer about the freedom 251

WHY is the Page redirecting to the Home page after booking?

The answer is the website is still not accepting the Booking orders. The Website is still under the process of booking order. They have not generated the Payment Page to Book the final Phone. The payment page is accessed by the third party software which is, People need to wait for the time to confirm their orders on


Successful Payment Method For Booking Freedom 251

New Update: 19 Feb 2016 – 12 pm: ” The booking Process started with the new Method The is accepting the orders. The Order will be placed by submitting your data to the website, later the will send you the payment link to your email id. “

” Fill Your correct Data to the Shipping form and generate your email link to get the freedom 251 payment method. The payment is available with cash on delivery, Credit Card, Debit cards, Online Bank Transaction. The CC avenue is handling the payment method for ”

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Step To Follow For Confirm Booking Freedom 251

  1. Enter In address Bar (Your will Be directly taken to booking page)
  2. Keep Pressing F5 if website does not respond or Open
  3. Fill all Your Details in CAPITAL LETTERS
  4. Press ORDER NOW
  5. If nothing happens, then press F5 and click confirm- repeat until u get the given link listed bellow
  6. Check Your Address Bar for link ( )
  7. If the same Link (given above) appear on your address bar  Then your order is confirmed
  8. Enjoy your Freedom 251 Mobile Phone.
  9. Book For your family Too.
  10. Still having Problem – Comment Bellow I will Solve your problem
  11. Find : Get Your Email Payment Link for Freedom 251

Video Tutorial For Booking Freedom 251 – Step By Step Successfully Booking

Read: Step By Step Procedure for Ordering/ Booking Freedom 251

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payment method for Freedom 251

Now time accessing the is difficult because the website is hit by lacs of user per sec, due to such event the website bandwidth is getting slow. so keep on trying, or try to book at night 2 am. Surely you will get your Order confirmed.

The payment of the freedom251 is now available and can be booked now.

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326 thoughts to “How To Pay For Freedom 251- Payment Not Working New UPDATE”

      1. malviya i have booked 4 phones .. all different email id but mobile number same i have puttern what to do ?? does the confirmation mail will come ??

  1. Its too long for da delivery date. M to excited nd eagerly waiting for it. So plz do sumthin dat we get its befo da delivery date

  2. can i buy more than 1 unit dor myself ? I have already ordered 1 ans waiting for the payment link can i order another 1 from my 2nd email id ?

  3. If they will mail in 48 hours ? So what i will do becouse i have booked it today at 6 am. As the last timing of booking is 8 am (21 feb)

  4. Bhai mere phon pr mail bhi aaya hi ab mughe kya krna hi .Agar pay ment jaroori hi to kaise hoga
    Mail me payment successfull likha hi

  5. I booked the phone but i’ve entered details such as address,state, name in small letters.theycwill accept it or not?pls tell me.

  6. Hi I have order freedom251 and every process was sucessful, But i have not note mr order no…………..what to do??? Can i order a next one…..

      1. hello sir i forgot my fdm number is there any problem and also tell me that my order is sucesfull or not

    1. It got my order is and a message that is link will sent to your mail in 48 hours.Yesterday at 9:12 am.But still not got link….

  7. When I will get the payment link through emai. Is there cash on delivery? and which is the booking id ? Though i booked it i have not take so will I get the freedom251 ???plz help!

  8. SIR,
    u said that 48 hrs time but i booked 19 th feb and it reaches 21 for 48 hrs .is there any problem for payment close or only booking closed will take place on that day.tdy booking closed already ,but clarify me who ever ordered will get payment link or not

  9. i just missing my order number .so how can i got it ?? is it a big problem …..plz help me sir …..and god bless u for alerting us. .

  10. I was order this phone on18th bt they did not send me d payment link to my unique id n see 48 hour is passed…is it fake or it take some more time for sending d link…help me bro..!!!

  11. I booked this phone yesterday at 8.45 am but till now i am not receiving any payment link…….are you sure that the company will send the valid email id with in 48 hours? and cash on delivery(cod) is available or not?

    1. Cash On delivery is available and payment Link will be made to your soon. Lots of people I waiting for the same. Don’t worry The Confirmation link will be send

  12. If the payment link receives tomorrow (21.02.2016) and if I’ll make payment on Monday date 22.02.2016 than it will be rejected by the company? Due to tomorrow i will be stay outside my city. Please answer .

  13. If the payment link receives tomorrow (21.02.2016) and if I’ll make payment on Monday date 22.02.2016 than it will be rejected by the company? Due to tomorrow i will be stay outside my city. Please answer .

  14. i didn’t got the payment mail till now!? will i get it or not? :/
    kya hum cash on delivery payment or sakte hai
    reply me fast

  15. Sir I have ordered on 19 friday morning at 7 o’clock but still I did’nt receive any email I’d sir more 12 hours left out what do you suggest sir about getting freedom251

  16. I have booked in one email-80 Order ….but different mobile no and different persons name …..So how can it possible ……

  17. Sir I have book freedom 251 in 19 Feb morning but till now I did not get the link for payment in my mail.will I get the link or not????????plz solve my problem sir……….

  18. Sir I have ordered 2 phones from same email and same mobile no. Even have got the order no. For both separately. So will it be cancelled . I mean will both be cancelled???. Plz reply..

  19. Main ek email se 3 phone order kiya wo sucsesful hoga. 1 ph. To ayega? Aur email bhi abhi tak nehi aya hain . Kab ayega? Yeh cash on delivery hain? Aya toh payment kaise karoo????? Plz help…..

  20. Can i make the payment with cash on delivery?
    I booked 4 phones with different gmail and mobile number. But adress is same. Can it make problem?

    1. Your payment email link will tell you the last date of payment. The last date for payment will be around 28 of this month. Will update you soon on this.

  21. sir is there cash on delivery available.l have booked 5phones with different id but same no is there any problem but confirmation msg.also come ….first it was said that no cash on delivery is there ..

  22. i have ordered 5 phone different mail id and phone number but same address will they send 5 mobiles to same address pls helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp me

  23. I want to add screenshot of the order of freedom 251 .i have a doubt that while placing my order the amount of product showing is 0 and also subtotal is also written 0 so would i get payment link or not

  24. How to do the payment for freedom 251??pls help.(MY 48 HOURS IS COMPLETED BUT PAYMENT LINK NOT RECEIVED MY EMAIL ID PLZZZZ HELPPPP)

  25. i booked 3 phones with different mobile nos. and unique email id’s on 19/02/2016…..but two orders had the same shipping address….it has been 50 hours since the booking…..i haven’t got the mail till now…..will i get the mail???

  26. Niel.

    I have placed booking request successfully on friday 19th Feb .It has been more than 48 hrs but haven’t recvd any payment link mail.

    Do you think they might have pulled off from taking the booking request or it might be possible scam

    Please reply

  27. How to do the payment for freedom 251 ?? Please help. (MY 48 HOURS IS COMPLETED BUT PAYMENT LINK NOT RECEIVED MY EMAIL ID PLEASE HELP)

  28. Niel pls tell me wether the mail will come or not . i have been waiting for it so long.Pls tell if anyone has got the mail yet or not.

  29. I booked freedom 251 on dt 19.02.2016 and complete the 48hrs but I hve no recived any link my email address plz help me what I do next?

  30. sorry niel, i want to know that who r u.
    And i dont know where is order number
    and when did i recive payment link
    i will complete 55 hours

  31. Sir, I have order first freedom 251 but don’t received confirmation payment message after 24 hrs then second freedom 251 at other two no. but at same email id did I received phones

  32. मेरेको कोई भी ईमेल नहीं आया अभी तक 57 घंटे हो गये है मै क्या करूँ
    ईमेल आएगा भी या नहीं

  33. Sir, i have booked 6 phones with diffrent unique email id and diffrent mobile no. But all orders have placed on the same address.
    is there any problem?
    will i recieve all 6 phones or not?
    plz tell me

  34. I have ordered a 5 freedom 251 on 19 Feb with different email id’s and with same phone number. I got a confirmation order form but I haven’t got the payment link till now to my mail ID .

  35. I got the same page that you have posted here(screenshot). But the only difference is that the amount is shown for you and mine says Rs.0 . Not only me many people i know got the same thing. Is my phone booked? I didnt get the conformation link and its 3 days since ive booked.

    1. Some time the system may fail to calculate. If Your data is been submitted to the Database then surely your will received the payment link and Phone. So I hope your have successfully received the Last Booking Confirmation on the website

      1. I hope that too sir, that my phone is booked (or atleast my name has been in the database) its the 4th day now. And yet i didnt receive any sort of Email, SMS, Call or anything. I have filled the form on your other page. Im just hoping ill recieve the email maybe today or tomorrow!

  36. Sir apne bola that Monday take ka intezaar karo
    Lekin sir abhi tak koi email link nhi mila
    Please answer sir !
    Please answer !

      1. how much time we have to wait niel. they were saying that they will give the first 25 lacs order the payment info and after that the others…and i read an article that they will give the first 30,000 order the phone and after completing that they would come for what should we do?

  37. Are Any One Can tell when we can receive mail from company…..?????????? ANYONE Please tellll……it completed 3 days after having a successful ordering of mobile……

  38. I haven’t got any email confirmation or any link after booking my order and now it is approx 75 hours from booking time.Still now i haven’t got any response.Please help me what to do.

  39. Where did you get the details about type of payment options and that company has already stated to ship some of the phone. And its also more than 72 hours and there are still no payment links…
    Kindly clarify

  40. Hii NEAL sir …
    Meine FREEDOM 251 20th feb ko subha 7:50 mein order kiya tha …
    48hr cross ho gya h ab tak payment link ni aya h mere email mein …
    Sir , mujhe freedom 251 milne ka chance h ky ????
    Aur agar kisi dusre ka payment link se hum payment krenge to ky phone milega ????
    Plz reply ….

    1. Don’t pay any amount from any payment link. its can be a spam. try to select cash on delivery from any payment gateway. The company has not initiated the payment process yet. so beware from any frauds. wait for your payment link

  41. i am not able to take a link for payment from the side of freedom 251. so please sir kindly give me the link of payment of freedom 251

      1. Hey, ive filled the form just wanted to know how will the form help? Is the form going to the company to roll out links? Thanks

  42. Sir Monday bhi finish ho gaya ab kab email link aayega sir bataiye sir please bataiye!
    Please answer!
    Please answer!
    Please sir!

  43. I have ordered 3 mobiles with 3 unique mail id and only one phone number with different address. Is it make any problem.and also say even i get single mobile or not..
    booking finished before 4 days still now not receiving payment link..

  44. Sir Monday
    bhi finish ho
    gaya ab kab
    email link
    aayega sir
    bataiye sir
    Please sir!

  45. Sir Monday
    bhi finish ho
    gaya ab kab
    email link
    aayega sir
    bataiye sir
    Please sir!

  46. Hey, ive filled the form posted by you but haven’t recieved the link yet….its now the end of the 4th day….will the link even arrive? As you mentioned, it should have been rolled out on monday….and its tuesday night, yet no link. Thanks

    1. Every one will going to get the phone guys.the comment is officially by freedom 251 help desk. Daily Visit our website for payment information on freedom 251

  47. Not received an payment link yet . I have ordered it on 19/02/2016 in between 9:00 am to 9:30 am. sir please send me a link of payment beacuse 6 days is almost hour means 144 hours completed………….

  48. I did’t get the payment link in mailing address. As i see in video of how to book a freedom 251 in their is a information of after successfully placing a order will get the link in mail. Since 48 hours is completed no response from freedom 251. Please help me out.

  49. Hey neil, this is the 5th day since ive booked tge phone and i have still not recieved any kind of e-mail, sms, call or anything. I have filled the form which u posted. Will the link even arrive?

  50. Sir ,I did not receive payment link till now ,pls confirm will we get or not Last 6 Days I tell you plzz send me payment link no any confirm me…Please help me please

  51. Not received an payment link yet . I have ordered it on 19/02/2016 in between 9:00 am to 9:30 am. sir please send me a link of payment beacuse 9 days is almost hour means 540 hours completed………….my order no is FDM145585567413199 please send me payment link sir………………

  52. I called customer care and asked whether my phone will be included in the 25 lakhs the company is going to deliver,they are telling yes.They told that everyone who is going to delivered with phone will get a confirmation message in phone,but I have’nt got it.Sometimes the customer care numbers were not responding.There is contradiction in the words of customer care officers,some of them tells to call another number,some tells us all details.Don’t know whether we will get the phone or not,I think we should’nt have big hopes,so that we don’t have to be desp when we don’t get it.Lets hope for the best.THANK YOU.

  53. Dear all, the latest news. Ringing Bells closed their factory and no one phone manufacture from their side. So don’t hope and buy your phone from your nearest shop.

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