FInd Next Booking date for Freedom 251

Next Booking Date for Freedom 251 & Payment Detail @ rs251

2 Phase and New Booking Date for New Freedom 251 & Payment Details


YES Cash on Delivery Is Available

Freedom 251 Director Message for Phase 2

Finally The Booking for the world cheapest phone Freedom 251 is close down. But Now the Biggest question is when the next booking is going to be Started. People want to know the Next Booking Date for Freedom 251. Already 7.35 Cr Database is been Generated to the system, The Company Ringing Bells Will have to Start the Manufacturing of the New Freedom 251 Phone. Hence the latest Booking of the Freedom 251 need some time to fulfil the demand of each and every customer. Then after the Next Booking of the New Freedom 251 will be started. So The 1st Phase is Close down and now the Time for The second Phase, The Company Has still not announce the next phase or Next Booking for Freedom 251. The 2 booking date for The freedom 251 will be announced soon. But we have the Confidential detail form the company and some measure to calculate the next and 2 phase booking date for freedom 251.

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Find Our Each and every Question answers here in this articles. The articles is directly from the director desk.

  1. Find out What is the Next booking Date for Freedom 251
  2. Find The Delivery Date for First Booking of freedom 251
  3. Find The which Payment Mode will be available for Freedom 251
  4. Will Cash on Delivery will be available for the Phone
  5. What are the other Medium is available for Payment


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Delivery Dates for New freedom 251

The Company decided to delivery the freedom 251 by this April 2016. But there is some twist in this . They company will start delivery by this april but not going to finish the delivery. That means that the delivery will be ended by dec 2016. So the First booking will received the Phone First and the last will received the Delivery last.

What about the payment mode, is cash on delivery is available

Well the answer is yes the cash on delivery is available. There is 7.35 CR people has registered for there Freedom 251 and company want only 30,000 people to pay there money for there phone and it is an achievable amount for this. The funding is needed by the company which calculates like 30000 X 251 = 75,30,000. So the requirement of 75 lac around will be needed for fulfil some customers. and then the remaining amount will be generated as the delivery will me made one on one. so Cash on delivery is available for this freedom 251

What Payment Mode Is available another then Cash on Delivery

The Payment Mode is handled by CCAvenue company they manage the Ringing Bells Coding for Generating Payment Mode for Freedom 251. The Payment is handled by the Third Party Company CCAvenue. So the Payment will Be available like other big brand company Manages like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, ShopClue and May other Shopping website. The payment will be available in all mode Like Cash On delivery, Credit Card, Debit Card and Online Transaction.


Find Out What is the Next booking Date for Freedom 251

The Next Booking date ? when is the 2 phase of freedom 251?. The biggest question after the 1 phase of freedom 251. The Number of Order generated in first phase is 7.35 CR and this 1 phase booking need to be fulfil by this this year. According to the survey the company will deliver all phone by this December 2016. The Next phase will also start after completing of this 1st phase, so people need to wait till the 1st phase delivery get finished off. Million of Phone need to be manufactured by the company and need to be delivery before this year ends. Congratulation of all those people who booked there phone in 1st phase of freedom 251 scheme.

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Know – Order Number Issue
Know – Cash on delivery availability
Know –  Another mode of payment
Know – Final Date for Delivery
Know – Last Order will get the Delivery

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  1. Malviya, I havent got the payment link yet. I just want to know that whether they will send it or not. My order was placed. So rply fast

  2. its a stupid site that won’t even handle the traffic, if you want buy this stupid phone from a stupid website you better install a 100 MBPS Speed network (which is cheap in india :P)
    and at least try to register a 100 times (obviously kinda worth it Or not :P) and then after all this (your hard work ) i will get a massage that will say your oder is done you’ll have to wait at least a year get this stupid phone in your hand… (which will make you feel frustrated)
    what i say is, all smart phones get cheaper and cheaper over the time flow , so wait a bit and buy the best indian make smart phone rather than this stupid phone (which it is)

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