Ringing bells freedom 251 is spam or fake

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Company Payment Is Spam or Fake?

A lot More Question in the Mind of the Customers, ” is the Company Fake?, Its freedom 251 is a Spam? Who’s going to Expose this Biggest Spam for Freedom 251, Find Truth on freedom 251 Spam, Your should beware before placing the Order with Freedom 251. So find Truth Behind each and every Part of RingingBells Freedom 251 “

Let should we find out the Company ringing bells which is offering the world cheapest phone ever in the smartphone market Is Fake or Real. Whether the Freedom 251 smartphone is a massive Spam or Genuine. The company claim to provide the freedom 251 only for a price of Rs 251. We have some of the hidden new from the company itself from Noida. The payment option from the freedom 251 is failed on the first day morning on its first booking. if the company ringing bells is not spamming then it should build a proper system to handle lacs of freedom 251 customers online in per sec. This should company has a problem with funding. Let’s find out the Spamming or Genuine of the company Ringing bells Layout.

The Ringing Bells Corporate office is based in Noida, Office no B44, Sector 63, Noida 201301.  The Company are in to manufacturing of Smartphones. The company has still not reveal the manufacturing Plant for Freedom 251 or May be they don’t have one. The big question rise here who’s going to manufacture the freedom 251 smartphones. Around 7.40 CR units has to produce and no evidence for manufacturing plant and materials.



The Phone is still not listed in the BIS Certification page. Why is this so? Company only know’s the truth. People use to find Fake or Spam for freedom 251 under such circumstances.

The Company Registration with QUALCOMM Licensing Agreement and Android Developer Platform are still under Process. God know why this is so with the company. Is the Company Ringing Bell spamming with the freedom 251 news


Find our Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Spam or Fake / Real or Genuine

Who’s going to Pay for The Actual Amount of Freedom 251? Why Price is Rs 251 Only.

The Company has generate some interest in the mind of the advertisers. The company Mobile phone Freedom 251 and it pricing factors has already made the company more demanding in the market. Due to this, there is a change that the actual amount of the phone which goes around Rs 2,300 about can be paid by the advertisers and only the Amount of Rs 251 has to pay by the Customers. That’s why the company ringing bells is selling the phone on a price of Rs 251. There can be a lot more reason for getting this phone on such a minimal Price.


Payment Gateway Link Issue with Every Customer

The payment gateway was enable on the 1st day of booking the freedom 251, but later due to heavy load of the website traffic the company remove the payment gateway and only started with submitting the booking order of the freedom 251. But now after the booking phase the company has still not reveal the Payment Gateway for the payment of the Freedom 251. The company claim to Send Payment link and confirmation for the Freedom 251. But still people are in Queue for the paying their mobile phones Price and Confirming there orders. The Company had an word with the technical team for final booking of the Phone. The confirmation can be made by CALLs / SMS / and Email Link Confirmation.

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Freedom 251 Phone Style and Design layout

The Design which is available on the Internet is not the actual design of the Freedom 251. The company ringing bells is going to change the layout of the phone may the 50% changes with be there on the phone. The middle Round Button is already felt in the legal issue with the Apple Company so the actual freedom 251 will not have that round button on it. Same as for the Volume button, Icons and web browers also. The design will have Indian Flag print on back panel. The demo pieces shown on the internet is not the actual Freedom 251 Phone, its is a Chinese made brand of Adcom manufacturer. So it looking the ringing bells is spamming the end customers and media.


Is The Phone is Worth Buying

The answer is Yes, The phone has a Superb Specification and such phones in the market is available for Rs 4,000 around. The phone has 1.3 Ghz quad core, 1 GB Ram, 8Gb Internal Storage and a lot more. Such phone on a price of a charger is remarkable. Should be Booked

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Who is subsidizing the pricing of Freedom 251

Ringing Bells Company has already said the government has to do with nothing with the company. Murli Manohar Joshi and defence minister Manohar Parrikar were just invited as a guest for launch of the freedom 251. So the Simple is the Company is giving the subsidy and not the government.

How to Book Freedom 251 Again

Still not booked the freedom 251. The phase 1 is over now. Booking has been closed down for the 1st phase for freedom 251. But the next phase will Start Soon
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Apps and Software Support on Ringing Bells Freedom 251

The 1.3Ghz quad core and 1 GB ram can support a lot more android Apps in the Phones. Can play Most of games, whatsapp, Facebook. The Company will also send ome of pre installed apps like Fisherman, Farmers and Women’s Safety etc.

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Setting up of 650 Service centers in pan india is also a big question for the customers. How they will get the service for the Freedom 251.
Comment Down for Each and question questions and its answer for freedom 251

Question-based on

  • Is the Company Spam the Consumers
  • Is the Payment Link will Received to all Consumer
  • Will I received all Phone on same address
  • Will The payment will be on cash On delivery
  • how much time will it take for delivery

Find all question answer here.

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