Smart China Vs The world

Smart China Vs The World in Technology


All newspaper readers, as well as some news channel viewers, must be aware regarding China India War on the border, how China is attacking us. This is not the only attack that India is facing. China is also involved in hampering our economy badly by interrupting our businesses in India. I have learnt few things, especially unity and patriotism, from China. I would like to quote below some examples for readers of this article.

  • The whole world uses Google Chrome as Web Browser but China still uses UC Browser as it been developed by them.
  • The whole world uses Google as a Search engine but China uses their own Search Engine called as Baidu.
  • While researching I was surprised to find that where 1.75 Billion (Approx) users use Whatsapp as chat messenger but China would stick to WeChat as Chinese are true Patriotics.
  • In order to be faithful to their country Chinese support their home grown, entrepreneur Jackma, to make Alibaba grow big, they didn’t allow to enter China.
  • Where almost the whole world has accepted Gmail for emails, China still uses
  • Facebook tried it best to enter China, thinking China has good and biggest population and it would make more wonders, but as usual Chinese developed their home grown entrepreneur dint allow Facebook to enter in China.
  • You must be using Twitter, but Chinese would use wigo
  • Chinese has their own version of youtube, called Youku.


Chinese, in the name of making China big and prosperous country, unites and stands as one and help individuals and corporates ignoring applications and software’s developed by other countries.

How much ever you do Bang Bang, China is exporting approx. 7, 00,000 lakh Crore of 100 Billion Dollars of Exports in India and India is only able to export 5 Billion Dollars in China. This means India is in Trade Deficit with $95 Billion.

China doesn’t allow any country easily to enter into their home but itself has entered in all countries. Recent launches of new mobile companies namely, OPPO and VIVO are Chinese companies and have the same owner. OPPO and VIVO have entered in India in such manner that they will be satisfied only entering each and every house as we Indians are allowing them by purchasing them.

India Imports Electronic Goods, Machineries, Organic Chemicals, Iron and Steel, Transport Equipment, Medical Pharma Products, Textile and Yarn Fabric from China. Almost all.

You as a reader must be thinking why our government allows China. But my dear friends let me tell you, it is not our Government to be solely responsible for the trade deficit, as shown above, it is us, we, the citizens of India are majorly responsible for the deficit. We, Indians, rather need to become RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS instead of just citizens and stop blaming the government who is trying its best to secure us, secure the citizens by fighting on borders.

To change this situation, it is very necessary for all businesses, corporates and individuals to unite and fight against nobody but for the betterment of INDIA and INDIANS which includes you, your family, friends, relatives and all, as well, for DESH MEIN KHUSHALI AAYEGI, TOH FYADA SABKA HOGA. I repeat, DESH MEIN KHUSHALI AAYEGI, TOH FYADA SABKA HOGA. Aapka Hoga, Humara Hoga, Mera Hoga, INDIA KA HOGA.

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