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How to start a successful youtube channel

Earning on youtube is so simple just we need to find the right concept on what we have to make videos and start a successful youtube channel. People on youtube are just copping others and making the same videos. don’t copy anyone, don’t do the same if someone is doing on youtube. try to find your own skill, your own moves, your own techniques. make the videos feel like it’s only your’s not a copy of anyone else, then only you will be different from other on youtube and viewers will watch your videos. There are plenty of youtube channel ideas to make money on it. A carrier as YouTubers is booming now days especially in India.


People are copying other on youtube for earning. they copy because their earning is good on youtube. its ok to copy people we can learn something new from them. but do also find something new concept which is not on youtube. you will be on the top of all and you will also earn in millions.


Which Channel You Should Start to Earn Millions Dollar Money start a successful youtube channel by the ideas given bellow.

Youtube Channel Ideas

Comedy Channel

People like Super Women, Bhuvan Bam Earn Millions. Bhuvan bam said that he earns around 3 – 4 lac per month only by uploading 2 videos in a month so start your successful youtube channel now.

Tech Channel

Technical Sharmaji said that he earn around 10 times more than his previous job and his previous job salary was around 40 to 50 thousand Indian rupees. Technical Channel gives Review on electronics and products

Prank Channel

Pranking and Fooling People are the most famous channel. A channel like baap of backchod earns around 2 to 3lac per month.

Cover Songs Channel

Singers and Vocal artist now days have take the help of online channel to explore their creativity plus they also earn good amount of money on youtube. vocal artist like Siddharth SlathiaVidya Vox also earn great number by youtube. people like to hear songs and they find some people singing in the different style and with some creativity.


Review Channels for Films

People like to watch the review about the upcoming film and how the film is?. it can be one medium to earn money by film reviews.

Tour and Travel videos

Exploring new place and shooting is a new concept which people are trying. but it can be more expensive then earning on youtube. sometimes only petrol expenses can be recovered from the youtube earning. think before you start. once its get popular then there is not a problem.

Online Learning Tutorials

You can show your skill in which you are a master like a guitar playing, vocal, computers, science tech etc. This can be one source to earn from youtube. it’s very difficult to earn good amount while teaching some skills as compare to comedy or prank channel. Online learning can take up to years of setting up and to earn a good amount on youtube.

Roasting People on Youtube

This is what has come something new on youtube. YouTubers roast people on their channel. people like watching such channels. example carryminati. so find the new concept and start a successful youtube channel.


Mobile Phones Reviews

This is what you can do a mobile phone review. This also helps to get a free Mobile set from the company itself. sometimes companies provide mobile to YouTubers to reviews their handset and did not ask to return it back. Sometimes company asks to return it back after the review has been done.

Funny Compilation Videos

People like watching funny events happens in the surrounding. just make some compilation of all that videos and earn a good amount on it. but it’s like time-consuming for selecting all such videos and edit and publish.

Accident Compilation Videos

People also like watching accidents of cars or bike, even the nature disaster happen. make such compilation and edit and publish.

There is a lot more technique to earn online on youtube. I have suggested something which will help you to earn more youtube income.

Some More Example for Youtube channel

Hairstyle, funny face, manufacturing process, making food, product teardown, fun with a gun, shooting, filmmaking, repairing skill, style furniture making, Funny commentary for videos.

After Building the Total concept for your videos channel, do find attractive youtube channel name ideas. A better name catches the attention of the viewers and it looks so cool also with an attractive channel name.

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