How to build a computer from scratch with Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn to build a computer from scratch. The process is very easy and fast, refer to the video for better understanding. The required computer parts are given in the list, Assembling a PC is not so complicated just you need to know the connection to all the parts. Take Your time to build the PC don’t be in hurry it will affect the computer parts. Assembling a computer is a delicate task must be carefully done. To build a PC follow our video link at bottom of this article.

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Parts Needed to Build a PC
1. Cabinet with Power Supply
2. Motherboard
3. Processor
4. Ram
5. HDD
6. DVD Rw
7. Power Cables
8. SATA Data Cables For HDD and DVD
9. Monitor for Testing
10. Keyboard and Mouse

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Steps follow to build a computer from scratch step by step

  1. At first, install the processor on Motherboard
  2. Attach the FAN on Processor
  3. Install Ram Properly
  4. Connect the Power supply to Motherboard
  5. Connect 24 Pins and 4 Pins Powersupply Connector to Motherboard
  6. Connect SATA Data Cable from Motherboard to HDD
  7. Connect Power Supply to HDD
  8. Connect SATA Data Cable from Motherboard to DVD
  9. Connect Power Supply to DVD
  10. Connect VGA, Keyboard, Mouse and Start The Computer to Test
  11. To Start Short the Switch Pins on Motherboard


How to build a computer from scratch

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