Pass & Maintain Accounts with Inventory Entries – Lesson No 5 On Tally ERP 9


Here is the Tally Tutorial Lesson No. 5 of Tally ERP 9 . This Lesson is about How to Maintain Accounting with Inventory in Tally ERP 9. Maintang All Types of stock and Item of godown and warehouse in tally erp 9. The Given tally tutorial gives you a  complete  knowledge of maintain  inventories entries in tally erp 9

Find the Index of the Lesson Maintain Accounts with Inventory

  1. How to pass and maintain inventory entries in tally erp 9
  2. How to create stock item in tally
  3. How to create stock category in tally erp 9
  4. How to create godown and unit of measure in tally  erp 9
  5. How maintain stock and inventory goods in tally erp 9
  6. How to pass discount entries in in tally erp 9
  7. Pass and Maintain Inventory vouchers


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Maintain Accounts with Inventory Solved Question and Answer [ Practical ]

  • Create a company in the name of GenronTech Cars for the year ending 2016.Create Company in Tally ERP 9
  • Prepare The Required Ledgers, Stock Group, Category, Items, Godown And Pass The Transactions Taking The Following Into Consideration,
  • Entry To Be Done In Voucher Mode.Create Company In Tally ERP 9

F11 Features to be activated:- Under > Inventory Features

  1. Maintain Multiple Godown – YES
  2. Maintain Stock Categories – YES

Inventory Features for Godown and Categories

Steps to Create Inventory Info

  • Stock Group – Cars

Stock Group Tally 9

  • Stock Categories – Maruti, Hyundai, Premiere, Tata, Hindustan

Stock Categories

  • Units of Measure – Qty (Quantity)

Unit Of Measure

  • Godowns – Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat


  • Stock Item – Are As Follow

Under Maruti –              Maruti 800, Zen, Esteem, Baleno.

Under Hyundai –                       Ascent, Hyundai Deluxe, Hyundai Regular.

Under Premiere –                       Fiat, Uno, Siena.

Under Tata –                  Indica, Sumo, Estate, Sierra.

Under Hindustan –        Ambassador, Contessa.

Stock Item

Switch On Discount Column

Press F11 > Inventory Features > Separate Discount Column on Invoice – YES
Discount column in inventory feature

Create Ledger for Inventory Entries

Check & Follow Tutorial – How to Create Ledger

  • Hyundai Motors – Sundry Creditor
  • Patel Motors – Sundry Debtor
  • Dhruv Motors – Sundry Debtor
  • Gupta Car Motors – Sundry Debtor
  • Continental Motors – Sundry Debtor
  • Purchase – Purchase Account
  • Sales – Sales Account

Ledger Inventory



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Learn How to Pass Inventories Entries

Pass Purchase Transaction of Accounts with Inventory


  • Purchased The Following On 01.06.2016, Discount 2% From Hyundai Motors

Quantity          Name               Rate                Godown

3                Zen                  400000                        Maharashtra

2                Ascent             550000                        Maharashtra

2                Uno                 375000                        Rajasthan

4                Siena                575000                       Rajasthan

2                Sumo               500000                        Gujarat

5                Indica              400000                        Gujarat

Purchase Inventory Only Vouchers

Pass Sales Transaction of Accounts with Inventory

  • On 02.06.2016 Sold Following Cars To Patel Motors Discount 3%

 Quantity          Name               Rate

1                Zen                  475000

1                Siena                610000

1                Indica              450000

Sales Inventory Only Vouchers

  • On 01.07.2016 Sold Following Cars To Dhruv Motors, Discount 1%

Quantity          Name               Rate

1                Ascent             580000

1                Indica              430000

Sales Inventory Only Vouchers

  • On 02.07.2016 Sold Following Cars To Gupta Car Arcade, Discount 2%

Quantity          Name               Rate

1                Zen                  460000

1                Siena                600000

Sales Inventory Only Vouchers

  • On 31.07.2016 Sold Following Cars To Continental Motors, Discount 3%

Quantity          Name               Rate

1                Sumo               550000

1                Zen                  450000

1                Siena                600000

Sales Inventory Only Vouchers

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