Best Smartwatch in India (March 2023) 

Some of the best smartwatches available in 2023 based on their features, reviews, and popularity among users. Here are five of the best smartwatches in no particular order:

Best Smartwatch in India
  1. Apple Watch Series 8: The latest model in Apple’s smartwatch series, the Apple Watch Series 8, offers a variety of new features, including a larger display, faster charging, and advanced health monitoring capabilities such as blood glucose monitoring.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is another top-performing smartwatch with features like improved battery life, an advanced health sensor system, and a sleek design.
  3. Garmin Venu 2: With its extensive activity tracking features, integrated GPS, and cutting-edge health monitoring features, the Garmin Venu 2 is a fantastic choice for fitness fanatics.
  4. Fitbit Sense: The Fitbit Sense is a smartwatch that is perfect for fitness tracking and health monitoring. It has cutting-edge sensors that can monitor skin temperature, heart rate, and stress levels.
  5. Fossil Gen 6: The Fossil Gen 6 is a stylish and sleek smartwatch that is perfect for anyone who wants a great-looking watch that also has advanced features such as Google Assistant, heart rate monitoring, and NFC payments.

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