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If you need a best and cheap virtual reality headset then the new HooToo HT-VR002 is the best choice among all VR Headset in the Indian Market. The HooToo HT-VR002 cost only Rs990 for Indian customers. Purchase link has been provided at end.

Immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality experience at affordable price. Get the best experience of 102 degree of FOV.


Features of HooToo HT-VR002


Magnetic button

Enjoy a sensational 3d experience with Hootoo HT-VR002  Virtual Reality Glasses. It’s available with Nickel-plated magnetic button to control, explore and interact with the hyper-realistic virtual Games and Movies.

Wide Viewing Angle

Immerse your Self into 360 Degree videos and Photos with wider FOV of 102 degree viewing angle and experience surrounding.

Soft Padding, Cushion and Plastic Material

The Lighter Hootoo HT-VR002 Construction gives us a more comfortable and longer viewing time.  Its is available with more ventilation Padding which cool downs your Device when the action is intense.

Best Lense quality at Low Price

The lens quality is very clean and sharp for quality viewing.

Compactable with 4.7-inch to 6-inch Phones

Compatible with smartphones between 4.7 and 6 inches in screen size, or maximum device length and width of 6.8 inches and 3.5 inches respectively.

Removable Lens

The Lense is removable and can be changed if its get damaged or blurred through day by day use. How to Change VR Lense is been described in the video.

Big Quality Lense

The Lense is bigger in size around 40mm (25 Optic Power) the best focal length

Focal and Pupil distance adjuster

Image look razor sharp with the focal and pupil distance adjuster. The headset can also cater to up to 500 degrees of nearsightedness.


Your Can Buy This Hootoo Vr from the Bellow Link

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