How to Maintain HDD For Long Life and Save HDD Data Loss

The Life Span of a Hdd is about 3 to 5 Years. But we have came up with some studies and experiment to Increase Hard Disk Life. The Process is very simple by using rubber. The Rubber Increase the Hard Disk Life about 3 year more from a normal Hdd.


Computer cases make to much of noise as due to the direct contact with the physical part. Just a screw and you attach your HDD, DVD, Motherboard, SMPS as the Computer reaches to its highest level the noise increases. By using rubber between the Physical parts and Cabinet minimise the risk to damage the parts.

Problem is the Direct contact of the Hard drive and the case which make the Hdd to No Live longer and affect the media and Platters inside the Hdd. When the information processed the Hdd Reaches to its Highest Speed and some Slightly vibration occur and affect the Hdd. The vibration affect your Solder, Screw, Logic board and other parts. Most of the common problem with the Hdd is the Damage of the media / Read + write Head.


Advantage of Using Rubber Strip

  1. Shock Proof
  2. Safe from Physical Accidental damage
  3. Less Vibration
  4. Lower the Noise

Process Step to Increase Hard Disk Life 

  1. Take 4 Rubber Strip. You can get it from your Bicycle Tube
  2. Let Screw the rubber strip to the Hard drive
  3. Screw the Other end of the Rubber Strip to Cabinet as shown in Last Image

Image Bellow to Get a clear Idea to Increase Hard Disk Life



increase-hard-disk-life-rubber-screw increase-hard-disk-life-3 increase-hard-disk-life-pin-screw-to-cpu increase-hard-disk-life-final-output


So we get a great result as rubber absorb most of the vibration which can affect HDD. The setup can also become anti-shock. All such Measure Increase HardDisk Life.

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