Live Face Swap App for Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Windows

Face swap App for android iphone blackberry windows
FaceSwap App for Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Windows

The Live Free face Swap Apps is the most awarding app of 2016. The app allows you to swap your face with second face  available on the screen or some random comedy faces. The Swap Is available with live video. Give a try and download the app now.


The free Live Face swap Application works with any of the object like human face, Drawing, Animals Faces and More. The App Let you feel more funny and entertaining on mobile or tablet screen. Be More Funny with your Family and Specially with your child and make them have fun too.

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Live Face Swap App for Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Windows

Find more quick Steps on Free Swap App

  1. Download The android, Iphone, blackberry or windows App from The given Link
  2. Tap On “Swap Face” to Swap Face
  3. Let the App should Recognised your Face ( Face Detection )
  4. And the app will swap your face in real time.



Swap Face App

Camera Setting

Set your Camera to rear Camera option to take selfie images

Swap Face App Selfie Mode

Face Recognition

Set your face towards the screen. The Swap face app will automatically recognise the face and Swap the face available on screen. Better to place your face in blue boundary for better result.

How to Detect 2 Face for Swapping

Both the people should Look at the screen and click for dual swap. The swap App will automatically Show you best result for displaying your funny live Video with face Swap

Face Swap for Android.

Swap Face

Swap Face Record Video

How to Record Live Swap Face

While Live Streaming on Swap Face App > Click Screen Record Button in setting and you will be allowed to download the Swap Face video and you can whatsapp that video to friends and family.

What now finally Download the best app of 2016 and enjoy.

Available for download now.

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