Tips on Choosing a Branded Domain Name for your Website

Secret to Choose a Unique and Brandable Domain Name for Your Business


What is a Domain Name?

Domain name means website name. The URL which you put in the browser address bar for accessing a website, blog or forum.

Example:,, etc.


Domain name is the first name which comes in any customer mind while browsing company information online. The decision of Choosing a domain Name should be very Perfect and firm. Domain name selection strategy is very important for business profit point of view because a good domain name can attract online visitors and help to generate online sales or branding. The simple and attractive domain name are very helpful to keep in the mind of a reader. They know you, they remember you by your name.

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Things to be Keep In Mind Before Choosing a Domain Name


Keep Your Domain Name Easy and Short

Easy and short name are always good to be in the reader mind, they can generate you direct traffic from the website URL, due to the easy and remembering name. Complex and long domain name are always searches from Google search, it is also hard to remember for any person.

Example Like:,,, They are short and easy to remember domain names.


Don’t use Hyphens and Numbers

If we talk about of SEO then hyphens and numbers are not good to use in Domain name, try to use only characters while choosing your domain name.


Choose a Proper Domain Extension

Extension refers to the end part of your domain after the dot ( . ).
.com is very famous among domain selection, and it can help to generate a good amount of traffic to your website, But the selection of the extension depend on the nature of business and website.

Extension Selection According to Related Industry

  1. .co: an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community
  2. .info: informational sites
  3. .net: technical, Internet infrastructure sites
  4. .org: non-commercial organizations and non-profits
  5. .biz: business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites
  6. .me: blogs, resumes or personal sites


Research For Domain Selection

It is always compulsory to do some R & D on domain name availability. Best to use some domain generator tools for selection domain name.

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  • If your domain is not available use thesaurus words for selecting your domain name. Try to make your domain simple and short so that people can remember your name easily.
  • Select Industries related domain name for your website
  • Do some Brainstorming with your friends and family for finding goods domain name.
  • Use Domain Name Generator tool for selecting a better domain.
  • Choose a Domain Name with Country Specific extensions for your website
  • Select Unique and Brandable Domain Name


Keyword Research

Keep your website name very niche to the kind of service or product you provide in your website. People search for a particular product or service and if your domain includes that name. You’re going to be first on Google for his or her search.

Example Like –

  1. If you are a computer seller Then ( )
  2. If you are in providing MBA education ( )
  3. For Online marketing Service ( )

A Keyword Domain Name is always beneficial in term of SEO of the Website.

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