Top 6 UNIQUE COOL SUPER GADGETS For Student 💗 Cheapest Gadgets, Futuristic 2050 Technology

UNIQUE COOL SUPER GADGETS For College Student 💗 Cheapest Gadgets, Futuristic 2050 Technology

▶ UrmO

UrmO Electric self-balancing scooter

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Electric self-balancing scooter with a patent-pending folding mechanism for your last mile. Created by ex-Tesla and ex-BMW engineers.

Ultra-light, foldable urban electric vehicle

Self-balancing scooter with a patent-pending folding mechanism by ex-Tesla and ex-BMW engineers.

▶ FoamPresso


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Make stylish cocktails with creamy foam on top, and bring your guests a new and fun drinking experience for any occasion!

Foampresso is not just for beer and stylish cocktails; you can use it on energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster. At birthdays, amuse the children with fun and creative foam softdrinks! So get your Foampresso today and give your guests an entire new drinking experience!

There’s only one product currently in the market that not only makes creamy foam, but is also USB rechargeable and waterproof! Who needs batteries?! NOT Foampresso; charge it with the included USB cable, the LED light keeps on when it is 100% charged.

▶ Altered Nozzle

Altered Nozzle

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ALTERED Lead-Free Brass Dual Flow Nozzle Same Tap 98% Less Water Sink Faucet Attachment and Adapter Experience Mist with Chromed Handle, Small, Steel Silver

  • Mist Mode – Savings 98% of water! Perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth, washing dishes and greens.
  • Save Mode – Savings 85% of water! If you need more for filling a glass, cleaning pots or pans, just switch to Save Mode.
  • This product works on taps that have a detachable socket for removable aerators. Most taps have a removable socket. Fits into Standard (20,8mm), Junior (18,1mm) and Tom Thumb (15mm) sized taps. (Inner socket dimension)
  • Super easy installation! Simply unscrew your existing aerator and insert the Altered:Nozzle. Fits Standard, Junior and Tom Thumb sized taps.
  • Pays for itself in a couple of months. Experience mist and save tons of water and energy.

▶ Roadie Tuner

Roadie Tuner

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Roadie Tuner for Automatic Guitar

  • Connect Roadie to the peg of your instrument, strum the string and watch it tune in seconds
  • 8 pre-set alternate tunings for guitars and ability to create custom tuning. – Customize your guitar strings in 1 cents increment
  • Built-in string winder functionality
  • Tunes 6-7-12 string guitars, ukulele, banjo with standard guitar pegs
  • Plug-in your electric guitar to the app using the accompanying adaptor and tune in noisy environments

▶ Pepper Mill

Pepper Mill

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Trudeau Graviti Plus Green 8 Inch Electric Pepper Mill

  • No button No effort. No mess
  • Versatile and durable ceramic grinder
  • Green finish, Integrated LED light
  • Made for grinding peppercorns
  • Simply tilt to activate mill

▶ Manmower


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Manual no razor compact facial hair trimmer for surf sea & sand adventuring. Or a shower. Travel EDC. No disposable parts. Easy to use

The MANMOWER® is an internationally patented portable beard trimmer, precision-engineered in the UK.  It will keep you or your man trim, in all conditions known to humankind.  Two counter-rotating barrels shear hair to a fixed length with progressive control to maintain a grade ‘0’ / 1mm stubble beard easily and comfortably and sustainably.   It is built to last a lifetime and all cutting is spaced from your skin so it is safe.

The mower available ONLY HERE NOW has a marine-grade stainless steel handle, which allows it to be hung on things, like a hook or a carabiner.  The handle provides greater effectiveness due to increased leverage and easier turning of the inner barrel, as well as making the mower easier to hold for larger hands.  The comb has been refined to improve effectiveness of hair-capture with redesigned grooves.  The marine mower also comes with a useful carabiner. 

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