How To Use Web App Interface


Using Official Website Interface To Access Whatsapp On PC/ Laptop


Whatsapp is Used widely and can be accessed on mobile phone only. Lots of tricks are there to access whatsapp interface on your laptop and PC. But now the official website is released from WhatsApp, to use their mobile WhatsApp interface on Laptop or PC. The system work by scanning the barcode ( QR Code ) available with official WhatsApp website. Working is so simple that required zero technical knowledge. Just scan your QR Code and your ready with Whatsapp Interface in your laptop. The feature only available if you having a smartphone with Whatsapp install. It does not allow users without WhatsApp smartphone because it required QR Code from the WhatsApp Smartphone.


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Technique Available To Access Whatsapp on Your Laptop / PC

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Whatsapp for Laptop Using – Official Website –


Open from Laptop / PC browser

The official website allows your to access user WhatsApp Interface after scanning QR Code from Smartphone.

  1. Goto
  2. Scan your whatsapp web QR Code from your mobile WhatsApp


Select WhatsApp Web Option from Mobile

The Scanning WhatsApp QR Code will be available from the Whatsapp App in your Smartphone.

  1. Goto WhatsApp App
  2. Goto option
  3. Select WhatsApp Web

Click on Whatsapp Web


Scan WhatsApp Web QR Code From Mobile Phone

As soon you scan your Whatsapp QR Code The System will take You to the Actual Whatsapp Web Client to Access the whatsapp On your Laptop or PC

scanning QR Code


Access WhatsApp Interface On Pc

Send Unlimited Message to your WhatsApp user through Whatsapp Web client Interface. Its Free Now, No cost. The access will be available till the time u don’t close your browser. If your Close your browser, then need to scan your QR Code Again from the Smartphone to access the Whatsapp Interface. interface


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