Where Can I Buy A BP Monitor?


Our human body comprises various organs that function in an orchestrated
manner to meet the needs of the body. One of the most vital organs ‘the heart’ acts like a
pumping machine and pumps blood in different parts of the body to supply oxygen.
This pumped blood moves through a closed network of blood vessels – arteries and
veins and exerted pressure on their walls. This pressure is known as Blood Pressure
and in common words BP and it can be defined as the measure of how hard your
heart is working to meet the needs of your body. The definition clearly proves the
importance of Blood Pressure (BP) for your health.

What does high or low BP imply? 
As mentioned earlier, Blood Pressure (BP) is one of the vital signs that denote the
good or bad state of your health is in. This pressure is measured in millimeters of
mercury (mmHg) where, in a healthy and fit body it is considered that the highest
pressure exerted by the heart, when it pumps, should be 120 mmHg.
This is known as Systolic BP. Similarly, the lowest pressure when the heart rests
should be 80 mmHg which is called Diastolic Pressure. BP that is constantly higher
than or lower than these two counts respectively is referred to as hypertension or
hypotension. Both conditions should not be ignored as they can have some serious
implications such as –
Short term – Blurred vision, drowsiness, frequent headaches, nose bleeding etc.
Long-term  – Kidney failure, heart failure, risk of brain stroke etc.
Factors that can cause blood pressure abnormalities – 
Blood pressure in the body can get affected due to one or few of the following

  • Hereditary
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Inappropriate sleep pattern
  • Exercise 
  • Exhaustion
  • Extreme temperatures

Apart from the above stated factors, one of the most serious causes could be
stiffness and clogging of arteries due to biological ageing. Once a person starts
ageing, the major arteries undergo a loss of elasticity and therefore the heart has to
work harder to pump blood which in turn increases the BP levels.

It is absolutely imperative for people of all age groups and especially the elderly to
maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to keep blood pressure under control. Blood
pressure can be monitored by two basic methods – Auscultatory or Oscillometric
which are further classified into manual and digital BP monitors.

Digital BP Monitor
A digital or oscillatory BP monitor produces a digital reading and works on the
principle that blood flowing through an artery between systolic and diastolic
pressures causes vibrations in the arterial wall which can be detected and
transduced into electrical signals that are then displayed on the monitor.
Whether you have been diagnosed with hypertension or have been advised by your
doctor to keep track of your blood pressure regularly, it is always a good idea to have
a digital BP monitor handy at home. It is quite simple to use a digital blood pressure
monitor at home. Place the cuffs around your arm, turn on the device. The cuff will
inflate to start the measurement and will deflate once the measurement has been
taken. Once finished, the final reading will appear on the screen.

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Factors to consider when purchasing a BP monitor –
The need to purchase a BP monitor arises when you have one or more of the
following conditions at home :

  • Patients on BP medication so that their condition can be monitored regularly.
  • Patients with critical heart ailments
  • Pregnant women 
  • Elderly 

When you have critical conditions such as the ones stated above at home, then it is
not absolutely easy to buy a blood pressure monitor but the process can be simpler if
you remember to keep the following factors in mind :

  • Ensure that the display panel is easily readable. 
  • Few faulty machines can flag off or alert irregular heart results. 
  • Easy setup, faster understanding and readable display are some important
    factors to be kept in mind. 
  • Keep the budget in mind and purchase the one that is pocket friendly and
    suits all your requirements. 

After you’ve purchased a blood pressure monitor

or, take the first reading and then ask
your physician to cross check the same with his monitor. This is to make sure that
the machine you have purchased is accurate.
There are various kinds of digital BP machines available in the market, but if you are
looking for a highly accurate and pocket friendly monitor, then the  Medtech Blood
Pressure monitor  is the best one that every household should have for monitoring
their families heart health. These monitors are not only made in India but are highly
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