How To Add Whatsapp Share Button on WordPress Website, Blog,

How To Add Whatsapp Share Button on WordPress Website, Blog or on


Whatsapp is chatting Mobile application, millions of user available on whatsapp and they are the best medium of personal sharing for all type of articles, design & multimedia content.


After google panda algorithm release they started giving importance to social media sharing. Google page rank factor now are directly related to social media sharing. Whatsapp nw also been including in your social sharing as most on the user are available on whatsapp chat and group. Its act like a personal social sharing app. Where the one person will share his like and dislike personally to one person or on a group. What if people allows to share your website content on whatsapp by just one click. Wonderful thing yaa!..


Let Should We Learn. How To Add Whatsapp Share Button?


Whatsapp Sharing button can be made from 2 simple tricks

  • For wordpress user’s they can use plugins
  • For non-technical guy they can use this link whatsapp-sharing for generating whatsapp sharing button. It is a free service. (Use this technique for or customized website)


Now let’s come with the wordpress user

Whatsapp Sharing button Plugins Available are:

But I will recommend you, to install jetpack and use jetpack Whatsapp sharing button. This plugin support IOS, Android Mobiles & Windows Phone.

This plugin allows you to share the page content on whatsapp efficiently and also provide social sharing on the same. the plugin automatically add the sharing buttons on all the contents


How to Configure the Whatsapp Sharing Button on Jetpack Plugin?


jetpack snapshot



jetpack snapshot



jetpack snapshot

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For customized website I will recommend you to work with generating whatsapp sharing button on this link.

Click Here: Whatsapp-Sharing-Button-Generator



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