How to do Image Optimization in SEO

Image Optimization in SEO for Ranking in Google Search, Find You Image on First of Google Search. How?


Find Your Image on First of Google Search, Optimize your image for Google Ranking, The main motto for doing SEO is to rank our content and its images on top of Google Search Engine and it can be possible if we perform a good SEO technique on our page. Here, we will learn about image optimization in SEO to make our image Score up for better Google Ranking. The lesson includes How to Optimize images for better ranking on search engines. Need some more traffic to websites then you must focus on Google image search. Millions of visitors from google search engines help to generate numbers to the website.

Only 7 Steps to Optimized your e-commerce online website Image, The Image optimization is counted as a part of On-Page SEO. To rank on first page of google, developers need to involve the Onpage SEO and Image optimization techniques to the web pages. Having a beautiful and attractive website? is not just important to rank on first of google search, it is always required to mixed the method of OnPage SEO + OFF Page SEO + Image Optimizes for website ranking. Find the Specialized technique to rank Images on Top of Google.

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Importance of Image Optimization in SEO

  • Its help to reduce load Time
  • Search engine can find your image relevant to user search
  • Reduce Image Size (help to load fast)


There are lots of tools for doing this task, but we will work with photoshop, its is the best editing tool for Optimizing Image. Photoshop provides numerous of features for working with photos editing.

How to Do Image Optimization in SEO?

1. Original Image File Size

We are going to take this image file “1 test Image.jpg” for Optimising. I have mention you the original size of this photo. The size is 1.96MB (2,063,683 bytes) so we will optimize this image for our ON-Page SEO.

Optimized Image for SEO

2. Open Image and Click Save for Web

Open your original file in photoshop and click for “Save for Web” option, you can also press short-cut as Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S (File > Save for Web). The option is especially used for optimizing image and save it for web use purpose. The “Save for Web” also give ample of features to reduce size with good image quality

Optimized Image for SEO

3. Setting To Be Done in “Save for Web” To Optimized Image

The setting varies from image to image and their use. mostly the purpose is only to reduce the size and have a clear quality image. so better you so some Research and Development on the setting.

Basic Recommended Setting to Image Optimization in SEO

  • JPEG Extension
  • Try to Keep High Quality
  • with 60 to 100 Percent
  • Check for Optimized. (If the Image is not clear uncheck it)
  • Reduce your Image Size (I am Using 750 x 410 for this articles)


Optimized Image for SEO

4. Save Image Name With Your High Ranking Keyword

Before uploading your image and using with your website, its is highly recommended to use your High Ranking keyword as image name, and also provide the keyword in ALT and Title attribute of anchor tag.

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<a href=”mywebsite/article” alt=”Image Optimization in SEO” title=”Image Optimization in SEO for Google Ranking“>view my website article</a>

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Optimized Image for SEO

5.  Goto “File Info” to Provide Image Description

“File Info” is the option where we provide the image details like Description, Search Keyword, Copyright, and Image link etc. It is very helpful to provide detail of the images so that the search engine can search the image in the result.

Using File info for optimizing image in photoshop.
Using File info for optimizing image in photoshop.

6. Set Your Image Info and Description

I have filled all the necessary details for this image to rank on google. The details are very basic and anyone can fill this.

If you find any difficulty in this, comment us, we will reply you.

Optimized Image for SEO

7. Save Again And Check File Properties

After Building “File Info” save it again and check the result. Now the Image is ready to upload on your server. Google will find and crawl your image information, which you have provided in your image info. if anyone will search for your keyword in google image, its will display your image in the result

Optimized Image for SEO


 ” So finally our Image is been optimized for SEO search. Try to keep your image size low as it will provide you greater help to load your post or website page faster. Also take care about the quality of the image. if the quality is not good no one will see your image, so both should be maintained – Quality + Size. “


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