What is Keyword and Importance of Keyword in SEO – 2015

Importance of Keyword?

Keyword refers to the snippet match with the user searched query on search engines. When a user searches for information by entering 2 to 5 words on search engines that called as keywords.  Keywords can be words, phrase or sentences.


Importance of Keyword For SEO – Quality Guideline

  • Keyword Rate

This can be calculated by a number of the keyword used in the whole content. Using an excessive numbers of a keyword in the page will lead to penalizing by Google, and it can deindex your web page or the whole site. Using Excessive Keyword in content is termed as “spamming or keyword stuffing”. Avoid repeating keywords many time in the whole page. the Keyword Density should be 1.25 percentage of the whole content on your page.


  • Keyword Relationship

It refers to the placement of the keyword with relation to the content on the same paragraph or on the same page. Provide keyword placement carefully while content designing, don’t just add keyword unnecessary on your page. Make some link between the keyword and the phrase while using it. Attractive and appealing Sentences should be framed with Keyword

It is assumed that the keyword should appear in the first and last paragraph on your contents for better ranking and to pass quality content criteria.


  • Using LSI Keyword

Research for other related Ranking Keywords with your primary keywords and add them in your content. Design some synonyms and thesaurus with your primary keyword and use it in your content. Make a list of 8 to 12 synonyms Keyword and use it with your content. Google Planner Tools is best to use for Keyword Research. It is a free tool available for research on the keyword Ranking. I use SEMrush Tool for Keyword Research for my post and blogs. You can use SEMrush for Free for 15 days. Login Here

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ON Page SEO Keyword Placement to Get Better Ranking on Google Search Engine


  1. Keyword should be placed in <Title>Keyword</Title> Tag
  2. Keyword should be placed in Meta Name <Meta name=”description”>
  3. Keyword should be placed in Meta Description <Meta name=”keyword”>
  4. Keyword should in place first paragraph on your contents
  5. Keyword should be placed in last paragraph on your contents
  6. Keyword should be placed in H1 Tags <h1>
  7. Keyword should be placed in H2 Tags <h2>
  8. Keyword should be placed in H3 Tags <h3>
  9. Keyword Highlighted with Bold tag <b> or <strong>
  10. Keyword Highlighted with Underline tag <u>
  11. Keyword Highlighted with Italic tag <i>
  12. Keyword in alt attribute of Images Tag<img src=”your image URL” Alt=”Keyword”>
  13. Keyword in Comment tags <!–Keyword –>
  14. Keyword in URL of Website Pages
  15. Using LSI Keyword in Contents


The Keyword Density of the using should not exceed 1.5 percentage in total contents. Remember highlight your keywords with <b>, <i>, <u> only one time in whole content, don’t repeat using <b>, <i>,  <u>  with all your keywords. Same follow for H1, H2, and H3 tags. Repeating Keyword everywhere will lead your web page to lower down your ranking on Google search. Huge Keyword Stuffing is a bad practice for website owners, as it will result in lower down your page in Google search. Keyword Stuffing is Black Hat SEO Technique, so avoid using it.

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Avoid Using Multiple Tags Repeat

  1. Never Ever Repeat <H1> Tags in Single Post
  2. Don’t Repeat <H2> and <H3> Tags In Single Post
  3. Avoid Using Multiple time <b>, <i>, <u> Tags for Highlighting your keyword. Can be used other than keywords.


The Tags H1 H2 and H3 Should be used for one time only for making your headline look appealing.

Remember all the Pros and Cons of using keyword properly in your content. Any mistake or over using keywords will make your post or website to be penalized. Work smartly and Get your website to be on Top of all. The Importance of Keyword in your Web Pages will help google to analyse your website page properly and will produce relative search result to end users.


The articles will help you to get your website to be rank efficiently. Get some keyword research and use in your blog and website and get better ranking for your page.

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  1. Well, I am working hard to improve my skills to find good keywords, because in a last month or so, I got to know, that keywords are the base of my blog, if I can’t find good ones, then there is no point blogging.

    So, that’s why working hard on it now. although finding it difficult, but will succeed soon.

  2. Hi Suniel

    There is no doubt that Keywords are the 2nd most important thing after backlinks.

    Without targeting the right keyword, we can never drive traffic and sales.

    You have written awesome article on keyword importance which is more much more in-depth than I have ever read.

    I would definitely follow what you said in this article. I hope It will help me to target the right keywords.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article with us.

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