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On page SEO and Off Page SEO are both from one house only. Both are like body and soul for any website. Off Page Search Engine optimization is a terrific strategy to Rank on Google Search. OnPage SEO are related to the internal part of Page Designing while the Off Page SEO is the Outer part for supporting website ranking. Both the Fragments are compulsory for Search Engine Optimization of website Ranking.

Off Page SEO are certainly more difficult to execute. It always required proper attention while building Marketing strategy for your online content. The process is also time consuming. Off Page SEO include building a relation with another website so that our website should get some sort of importance on online globe structure. This Process of building relationship is called Link Building. The Total off Page SEO is based on Link Building from Various Sources. Link Building can be established by Social Marketing On various social Media Websites, Bookmarking, Forum, Question and Answers, Reviews, Testimonials, Link Exchange, Cross Linking, Comments etc. All such factor have the significant impact on your ability to Rank on Search Engine.

Importance of Backlinking for Off Page SEO

The use of Anchor tag for linking webpage pages is important in On Page SEO, Same as Getting Link from external websites to our page is extremely helpful in creating relevant Traffic to our website. All link juice is good for website Ranking. Ask people to share the link on each other websites if both providers don’t have any problem with the link exchange. Some people invest a huge amount of money for building link, 40% of investment are been done on link building. But throwing money on link building is not just good enough, search engines have strictly prohibit the paid link used for website promotions, So better not to try such tactics, it is like wasting money for paid links as its follow no-follow tags. No-follow tags mean search engines will not give credit to those links. All Paid link are used to be with no-follow tags only, if the paid link is caught without no-follow tags then your website should be suspended from Google search or black listed. Link from the advertisement is also not counted as link by search engines. If you want to really invest some money in link building then find some guys or company who will manually build some quality links for your website or you yourself can participate in getting good amount of quality backlink for your website. I have given all the possible methods to generate numerous amount of quality backlink for your website or blogs.


Method on Off Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Rank on Top of Google Search


Social Media Marketing

The first method is to invest time for building social media marketing. Share your website contents on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Social media link are always termed as a good source of a link for any website. Due to the current study 20% of amount are been invested in social media marketing from website owners. Social content are always shared by friends and do follow the pages and shared content on social media. Search engines count the importance of Share, Likes, follows for the shared content and make them enable to be on Top of search engines. To get some Good Search Rank then share your content easily and make other too share your contents. Today’s Best practice is to add social media button on website post and contents so that people can directly share your contents on social media. Make your Social Media Buttons little bit bigger size and make them display nicely and tell your reader to share it. Include all link of Social Media Button on Webpages, so that people should get there favorite social media sharing. Build good relation with your social friends and followers and do reply to their queries and comment on social media. Engage with people on social media. Have a good attractive page so that people should get quality feeling while reading and watching your shared posts.

Off Page SEO



Every website should include a blogging column for getting organic visitors from various search. Blogging is a platform to gain popularity in online media  If your website is not able to generate visitors then it is highly recommended to start your process with including blogging page and link your blog post to your website contents. Write at least one blog per day as per your website niche and generate visitors. Have some guy who writes for you on your website and post blogs on daily basis or hire some guest blogger to write for you. Blogging is helpful to engage your visitors for the lifetime. Search engines love to crawl website which change time to time. Include Videos and Images to your blog, people would love to read your post if its include infographics. Build your blogging page according to readers, don’t clutter your blogging page, have nice big fonts style which should be easy to read, include social sharing button down and your done.

Off Page SEO


Guest Blogging

Blogging is the most important Off Site SEO strategy to gain traffic to your websites. Allow other to write post and articles on your website and also you should write guest blogs to other popular website and ask them to add your website or blog link on their webpage. So that the visitors can be generated through their website. It is always better to write a guest post for the popular site which has a huge amount of traffic on it. So that we can divert some traffic on our page or website. Guest post also helps to build a strong relationship with the blogger and experts which is good for your online business as they will post some relevant links to your website.


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking drives traffic to your site and valuable backlink with the relevant taste of the people. Most of bookmarking site provide link juices with the do-follow tags and some not. The social bookmarking site always provides value to search engines, so better keep posting. The bookmarking sites help search engines to indexing sites faster, much deeper indexing, measuring quality contents, the number of votes and External Meta Description.

Social bookmarking help searches engines to define the quality of the contents and make them able to generate some quality backlink to your website or blog. Don’t spam on the social site or your will get penalize by the moderator of the site, they may ban you for life time.

List of Social Bookmarking Site

EasybmYahoo! BookmarksStumbleUpon


Directory Submission

Directory submission can be help to improve site link popularity on various directories. It is a best practice to submit your website pages on various directories for Off Page SEO. Directory submission provide backlink from various source. It is a part of SEO, so always try to submit your blog or website to High PR Directory.


Search Engine Submission

Submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc for Off Page Submission Techniques. Submitted websites and blog to search engines help to crawl your site truly and provide the end results to user searched query. If the website is not been submitted then search engines bots will not crawl you website time to time and it may lead to leakage of visitors number.


Comment Making

Comment on other blog and website is also a great tool for generation visitors for your website. Search for your niche and provide comments and reply to another post. Provide a valid comment to the others post don’t just comment for backlinks generation. Try to submit N numerous of the genuine comment to other blog and get more and more traffic for your website.


Forum Marketing

Forum is best source for generation traffic to your blog. My blog generate 30% of traffic from forum. Forum is place where you can help other on their query, It is like a question and answer to member query, get Involve in comment and help them. Forum can be Successful only if you maintain good relation with your members. So avoid being harsh while replying to Forum members.

After getting eligibility of being a valid member in Forum, then you can add your website URL, Signature and Latest Blog to your Forum Accounts.

Off Page SEO

Forum Strategy:

  • Login to your Favorite Forum
  • Reply and comment Nicely and gently to Others Post ( Keep Replying Detail )
  • Keep your brand name to be popular in Forum
  • Pass all the eligibility to add your website name and signature to your accounts
  • After adding signature and website address URL to Forum Account then reply and comment on Forum members. Post 50 Message on Daily Basis.
  • This will generate visitors to your blog or website.

The Forum strategy is always helpful to get genuine traffic for your blog or website. You should learn to reply very smartly so that people should be eager to click for your given link on your post. Don’t tell people to click on the link. Make them able to click for your link without telling them. Work smartly with forum.

Some Of Do-Follow Forum List:

V7nForumWarrior forumDigital point Forum
Webhosting ForumSoftcatala ForumSiteowners Forum
Siteowners ForumJoomla ForumAffiliate Marketing Forum
Site Point ForumHTML ForumFile Sharing Forum
Mysql ForumGeek Village ForumWordPress Support Forum

Link baiting

Referenced Website: Some time we include other website content on our page due to content popularity such content always to be post with the reference URL of the actual owner of the contents. Such techniques are always helpful for building backlinks.

Owner Website: Same as for us also allow other to add our post URL if they are using our content on their blog. Link baiting are new concepts to add each other referenced URL to the original post.


Email Marketing

Email marketing helps business to generate numerous amount of traffic to blogs and websites. Planting a perfect email strategy regularly for content or product marketing is best solution for getting visitor’s traffic. Posting Contents and New product to customer for lead generation is an important part of business process and email marketing is a great success for developing such visitors ranking. Blasting huge number of promotional email is the basic strategy for any lower lever firm. For Bloggers they can allow visitors to subscribed for email marketing and whenever there will be new post the machine will blast the email with the subscribed list.


Answer and Questions

Participate in debate and question answer with people, solve other query by providing necessary answer to their query. Provide your website link for people query such trick will help you to generate visitors to your website. Don’t spam while providing answer keep its simple and relevant. Help other and you will get the visitors to your blog. Example Yahoo question and answer, WordPress, Forums, etc.


Photo and Video Marketing

Optimized your image and videos on search engines so that if a visitors search for any image or videos you should be first to display and get them to your website. Share your images on various platform like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, YouTube, Vimeo etc. and allow people to see them and provide comments to images and videos. You should also provide a link to relative pages of the infographics.


Off Page SEO Checklist

  • Submit your website to Search Engines
  • Submit Website and Blogs to High PR Directories
  • Submit your Blogs Post and website Contents on all Social Media Website
  • Share Videos and Images on Social Media Regularly
  • Daily 50 Comment to Forum Queries
  • Email Marketing 1 Time a Week or depends on your Strategy.
  • Comment and Regular Posting On social Media and Forums
  • Generate valid backlinks from all source
  • Don’t Spam unnecessary by Building invalid Links
  • Start Blogging, if your website don’t have blogging column

The Given information on Off Page SEO will Help you to Generate good number of traffic for your website. Most of the website apply all this strategies only for generating traffic to their website. Building Onpage SEO and OffPage SEO for websites is the only medium for websites traffic.

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