Boult Dive Pro Smartwatch User Manual & App Download

Divi Pro User Manual

What’s in the box? of Divi Pro Smartwatch

  • Dive Pro smartwatch
  • User manual
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Warranty card

Divi Pro Smartwatch Specification

  • Product Name – Boult Dive Pro
  • Bluetooth Pairing Name – Boult Watch S Pro
  • Screen Size – 1.78” AMOLED
  • IP Rating – IP67
  • Bluetooth Version – V5.1
  • Bluetooth Range – 10m
  • Sensors – 3-axis G-Sensor, OPPG HR & SpO2 Sensor

How to wear Divi Pro Smartwatch Correcly

Please wear the device on your wrist correctly, about one finger from the carpal, and adjust it to a comfortable position.

how to wear proper divi pro

Tip: Please wear the device a little tighter for accurate functioning of the heart rate monitor.

How To Download & Connect To the Divi Pro ‘Boultfit’ App

1. Long press the side button to turn on the device. Slide down from the main interface, open settings and choose the App QR code.

Use your mobile phone to scan the code. Or you can also scan the above QR code or search for “BoultFit” in the App Store.

2. Open the App and turn your phone’s Bluetooth ON. Search and select the corresponding device on the app as guided.


1. Keep Bluetooth ON while paring to ensure a successful connection.

2. If you couldn’t find the watch during paring, Long press the side button for 5 seconds to get the ‘Power off’, ‘Reset’, and ‘Restart’ options. Perform watch reset and search again on Boult App

B. For all IOS mobile phones and some Android mobile phones, after the watch connects to the app correctly, go to SETTINGS in the phone, search, and select Watch S Pro_Ph in the Bluetooth list. BT call feature will be activated.


(1). Please upgrade the app to the latest version to get a better experience.

(2). Android 5.0 and ios 9.0 or above systems are compatible with the App.

(3). For the first time connection with iPhone, a “Pair” reminder will pop up, click to pair, then incoming calls and instant messages will be pushed.

(4). For the first time connection with Android, a “Permissions” reminder will pop up, please follow up the guidance and allow permissions to ensure all functions working properly.

(5). To connect successfully, please turn on the mobile phone’s Bluetooth, GPS, and network.

(6). If the device cannot be searched or connected during use, please reset or turn off the

Operating Instructions

1. Watch Face Switch: Long press the dial for 3 seconds and slide left or right to choose.

watch face of divi pro

2. Quick Setting Page: Swipe down from the homepage.

3. Notifications: Swipe up from the homepage.

4. Recent Apps: Swipe right from the homepage.

5. Activity data Interface: Swipe left from the homepage.

6. Power ON/OFF: Long press the side button for 5 seconds to Power ON / to get power OFF options.

7. Return Previous Menu/ Screen On or Off: Press the side button.

Function & Sensors Introduction

Activity Data: Records daily steps, distance, and calories, and shows real-time data. Histogram data update both on the watch and App, the interval unit is 30 minutes. Historical data and analysis, like trends of the last 7 days and this month, are visible on the App.

Sleep Monitor: Records daily sleep time and details. The last 7 days’ trends show both on the watch and the App. History records are visible on the App.

sleep monitor divi pro

Heart Rate: * Click and monitor current data. The last 7 times records are visible on the App. *Continuous heart rate (set on App). Histogram data update both on the watch and App, the interval unit is 30 minutes. History records are visible on the App.

heart rate sensor divi pro

100 + sports modes (including app): Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Mountaineering, Yoga, Sit-ups etc. Sports records are visible on the App.

sport mode of divi pro

Blood Pressure: Blood pressure testing, record the latest 7 records, testing data, and historical records are visible on the App. (Data cannot be used for medical purposes)

Blood Oxygen: Blood oxygen testing, record the latest 7 records, testing data, and historical records are visible on the App. (Data cannot be used for medical purposes)

blood oxygen divi pro

Weather: After connecting with App, it shows daily weather and the next 6 days’ weather forecast.BT Camera control: Remote control the mobile phone to take and save photos via App.


BT Music Control: Remote control of the music player of mobile phone, Play/ Pause/ Switch to the previous or next song.

music control divi pro

Breathe: Inhale and exhale; follow the prompts to complete a deep breath.

Game: Young Bird and 2048. Have fun in your leisure time.

Settings: Stopwatch/ Alarm/ Timer/ Menu View Style/ Brightness/ Vibration/ Theatre mode/ Reset / Power Off/ About/ App QR Code.

Other Functions

Sedentary Reminder, Low Battery Reminder, Call Reminder, Find the Device, Watch Face Push/ Customize Watch Faces, 12H/ 24H time format, Metric/ Imperial unit setting, Raise the wrist to wake-up screen, Drink Water Reminder, Physiological Cycle Reminder, Goal Achieved Reminder.

sedentary reminder divi pro

Charging instructions

1. Attach the charging cable to the watch charging port, ensuring the metal pins are fully connected.

2. Please use the correct charging adapters which are 5V 1A. If the smartwatch cannot be powered on after being left unused for a long time, please clean up the charging metal pins to make sure connecting well.


1. One year warranty for default hardware defectives, six months for battery and charging cable.

2. Below are reasons for defectives are not included in the free warranty service:

a) Personal assemble or disassemble.

b) Damage due to fall during use.

c) All man-made damage or due to the third party’s fault, improper use (such as water getting into the smartwatch, external force shattering, scratch during use, etc).

3. Please provide a warranty card with the details filled in when you request after-selling service.

4. Please contact direct dealers for warranty service.

5. Please note all functions of the product are based on physical objects.

Download Divi Pro Smartwatch App for Android and iPhone

download divi pro app

Using in Wet Conditions: Your gadget is water-resistant, which means it can withstand even the sweatiest workout while remaining splash- and rain-proof.


Do not wear your Smart Bracelet when swimming. Additionally, even while bathing with your wristband won’t harm it, wearing it constantly prevents your skin from getting enough oxygen. When your bracelet gets wet, properly dry it before re-putting it on.

Using Quick View: With Quick View, you can view the time or a message from your phone on your smart bracelet without taping. Simply turn your wrist in your direction, and the time screen will appear for a brief period of time.

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