Tips on Choosing Free WordPress Responsive Themes

Tips on Choosing Free WordPress Responsive Themes For Higher Ranking

We are here to guide you for selecting your Free WordPress Responsive Themes. Selection for required components in making your website is very important. Many Element you have to check like what kind of design you are going to use, will it support all plugins, will I get the update and blah..


For Proper Themes selection, you should research online and check all the reviews for all themes user. The best thing that I do is to check the comment available in the support tab of that themes. The communication between the theme user and the provider, developer tell us the clear picture of the theme working and their problem.


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Guidelines on Selecting Free WordPress Responsive Themes (Don’t select paid version available for free)


1. Update Issue

Mostly in free WordPress responsive themes There will be an update issue with the unpaid version of the theme due to that the latest plugin will not support your theme. So try to pick the themes with a proper update.


2. Code Injected

Most of unauthorized provider inject their Malfunction code on the free responsive WordPress themes so that the theme should function as per coder need. Mostly the themes contain backlink code embedded in the free theme to raise others page rank through your website. More of the themes will be installed more backlink will be created for them.


3. Virus Injected

Some tech guys embedded code virus code in the theme to corrupt your hosted data or to malfunction site. The Virus also send your computer programs username and password to the required authority. like for hosting service, email service, WordPress login etc


4. Slow Load Time

The important factor to rank a page on Google is to make your Page Load-Time less to the end users. Due to code injection and virus the load time get slower. The free WordPress responsive themes are often slower. Check the load time before using

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5. Choose a Mobile or Tablet Responsive Theme

In today’s world billons of user access the global internet on palm, So the theme that your select should be mobile responsive. The themes content should be clearly visible to the mobile devices and should form into goods experience to the end user’s.

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6. Seo Optimized Theme

Seo Search engine optimization is the important factor for selecting a good theme. Read the features and support of SEO, available on themes properly, before getting started with that theme. Basically now in 2015 most of the theme are SEO optimized.


7. Clear and Compactable with Plugin and Latest Version of WordPress

Comparability is the important features for selecting the best theme. It is better to go for a paid version or a legal free theme so that the provider can support us on necessary task. For a non-coder, its get very difficult to overcome the problem arise with the theme.

Important Tips

Try to select the free WordPress responsive themes from well-known theme providers like my theme shop, or WordPress.

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8. Don’t go for Free Available Paid Theme on Unauthorized website

Disadvantages – Mostly hacked or free paid theme are not been ranked on Google because most of been user code injected in the theme coding.

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Personal Experience with Free WordPress Responsive Themes Selection:

I have experience with one of theme which I have installed on my website called There the website loading time was very show. Actually it was not opening only. It takes 120 seconds to load that website. So the user experience was so bad for my site. I had an word with my HostGator support team them told me that the theme has blocked my inbound and outbound link. so he told me to delete that theme and reinstall it.


“Though, they don’t know that the theme was download from an unauthorized website where it was freely available.”

For a blogger who want to start blogging they can start with trusted free theme which is available with reputed website and after getting hits and rank after some months change it to a better platform, I means to say – good and clear paid theme.


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