Free WP Themes Vs Paid Theme

Free WordPress Themes Vs Paid WordPress Theme

Unauthorized Free Theme Vs. Authorized Paid Theme

Confused in selecting Theme for you blog. We are here to help you.

Why you should select paid theme against an unauthorized free theme. Think! it is important part for selecting your theme. Most of the user don’t think about the pros & cons of using an free theme they just start working with the given theme. My advice is to research on the themes and then your should start with your work.


Here are the 5 points to differentiate why you should not select unauthorized Free theme ( Free WP Themes Vs Paid Theme )


1. Slow Load Time

Paid theme which is available with the unauthorized provided for free are sometime code injected back linking for their websites. Due to change in the coding the load time gets slower.

2. Un-trusted Coding

We can’t be sure that the theme provided form unauthorized source is safe or not it’s always better to go for proper authorized theme.

3. Bad Coding Structure

The free themes are coded again from the unauthorized provider due to that the working and load time gets slow.

4. Malfunction code injection

Due to code malfunction from coder in the free theme the theme done not work as the original theme create a bad loading time for website or blog. Most Developer use such theme to access our hosting service for sending spam comment or Span Email from our Hosting Provider.

5. Bad SEO Ranking

The SEO Factor are on danger on free themes. They may or may not work with such themes. Most of time span comment or Span email would be generated by our hosting provider due to such authorized theme.

Go For Authorized Free Theme

Here are the list : Authorized Free Theme Download

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Free WP Themes Vs Paid Theme Blogging Review

For new bloggers, I would suggest you to select free theme from authorized theme provider as they provide better themes with proper support, they are safe to work with wordpress and its SEO Optimized too.

If your have any query comment us. we would love to help you.

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