How To Connect Wifi Router to Share Internet Connection

Secret of Connecting WiFi Router to Share Internet Connection on your PC / Laptop


Sharing internet connection among several computer is very helpful to save money and cost for extra internet connection in one premise. Most of the offices uses one internet connection to all their computer or department. It helps to reduce the expense for having more connections. Recently I helped my tenants to share internet connection to his premises for free of cost. It took me 15 minutes to do this. Today I am sharing my experience with your all.


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  1. Router or Switch (Mostly preferred is Router)
  2. Need an LAN cable (Twisted pair – Category 6)
  3. Rj45 connector
  4. Crimping tool ( To crimp your LAN cable )

Requirement For Share Internet Connection

2 Technique to Share Internet Connection

  • Using “SWITCH” to share internet connection
  • Using “ROUTER” to share internet connection


Using the router is most preferable and also provide you the wireless connectivity for your premises. A better router can help you to connect all your all remote and wireless devices to The internet
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Steps to Share Internet Connection on WiFi Router

1 . Crimping Your LAN Cable

Crimping is an important term which refers to the connection of RJ45 Connector to your LAN Cable. The RJ45 Connector is used to Connect all your devices on plug and play mode. Before starting crimp your cable, insert your RJ45 connector to your LAN cable and crimp it properly. Below I have attached the color coding for your crimping connection. Use same color coding on both the end for Router to PC connection. We called this crimping “Straight Crimping.”

Better Understanding – Steps for Crimping

  1. Open the shield of Twisted pair
  2. Make straight all your color coding wires
  3. Make the Color coding in sequence (Picture Given Bellow)
  4. (Orange white / Orange / Green White / Blue / Blue White / Green / Brown White / Brown)


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  1. Both the wire end should have color coding
  2. Crimp the cable using Crimping Tool

2. Connect all your LAN cable to Router

After crimping, connect your computer LAN cable to your router port and connect your internet cables to your WAN port. It is important that you have to crimp the LAN Cable properly or the connection will not be maintained continuously. You will get the unplug error on your desktop in case of faulty crimping. if all seems to be OK then switch on your router.

Share Internet Connection

Steps For Installing Router

  • Connect your Computer LAN Ports to Router LAN Port.
  • Connect your internet WAN connect to router WAN Port.
  • Switch on your Router

Enjoy internet on all your computer.

Here I have not given you the internet configuration setting as you have to use this technique on your default configured router. If you are using your internet on you computer setting then your have to configure your router for this. The setting will be done by ISP Provider, so u have to contact your provider

The second solution is to take your login Username & Password for your Internet usage from the provider over the phone and configure the router.

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