Black Hat SEO

Avoid Using Black Hat SEO Techniques

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Search engines solely depends on indexing webpages and determine the factor for ranking the contents or result on the top of SERP. The Most important factor to rank on first is keyword density on the contents, But this approach create a way for black hat SEO Techniques to rank on First of Search Engines. Website Developer intentionally start stuffing the keyword to their website and pages to rank on the top of Google search, even if the webpage is not relevant to the final user search.Black Hat SEO

A Black Hat SEO is an aggressive SEO technique which involves shortcut and artificial manipulate to rank first on Search engines. It is prohibited by Search engines. Google Engines do not approve such techniques for ranking Web pages on Search Engines. Black Hat SEO Techniques will never deliver any long-term benefits to any website owners.


White Hat SEO

The Following tactic is consider as White Hat SEO

  • The Content and Techniques is as per Google Guideline
  • No Fraud While Web Page Modeling
  • The Content should be relevant to User Search, Should Not Contain Mismatch Search
  • The Content should be Created for End User and not for Search Engines
  • Quality content with Good Length-Descriptive
  • Useful Content

Always Try to Work with White Hat SEO Techniques and don’t fool your web site visitors.


Black Hat SEO

The Following tactic is consider as Black Hat SEO

  • Keyword Stuffing for Ranking on Top of Search engine
  • Web site design for Search engines not for End Users – No Quality Content
  • Redirecting the user from One Page that is build for Search Engines to Another Page not relevant to him
  • Serve one page to Search engine for Ranking and another Redirect to Final Visitors
  • Using Hidden Keywords Stuffing
  • Using Keyword Unrelated to Content for Ranking for Specific Keyword
  • Low Content and Stuff Keyword

Black Hat SEO Techniques also called as Spamdexing. Avoid using Black Hat SEO Techniques, Search engines are better smart to analyses all the Black Hat Techniques for Website and the result – Search engines will remove ranking for your website from Search Engines.



What to Avoid in SEO or Types of Black Hat SEO Techniques


Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing include excessive use of keyword in content in intension to influence the Search Engine. By Keyword Stuffing the website page rank can be manipulated to result on top of Google Search. Search Engines always search for keyword density used in contents so that it can make a different to determine page orders to user search. Search Engine assume the more keyword density is relevant to Web Search. The User Search for Relevant Keyword and if the Page is stuffed with the keyword then the result will be produce on first of Google Search. Keyword Stuffing is penalize by Google so don’t try this at all.

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Doorway sites

Doorway site act as a gateway referring to different site. The Doorway site are highly keyword stuff and hidden keyword to get a better rank on search Engines Result. The Hidden link and Keyword are not visible to computer users but a search engines can read that words and make the web page to be on Top of SERP. The Doorways help to Get traffic to the referred page, It transfer the traffic to the another page. The redirection include use of server redirection, javascript, PHP or Perl coding. The Doorway pages are primarily design for Search Engines.



Cloaking is another form of doorway techniques. When a user search for a query on search engine spider, a server side script provide a different version of webpage to user apart from his original search. This Techniques Take the user to another site which he was not searching. Such Cloaking Techniques frustrate the user and make the internet standard unscrupulous.


Throwaway Sites

Throwaway sites are often design to generate visitors to specified website page or traffic for short time and after the objective achieve, the Throwaway sites are been switch off or left for others. It is same as like Keyword Stuffing and using hidden text for ranking the page for Google search and then redirect to another website to generate traffic. Once the Throwaway site are switch off the traffic get reduces. This techniques does not generate long term benefit.


Mirror Sites

Mirror Site are Duplicate content with 2 different URL. Website Hackers copy and paste famous website content and paste to another website or pages to generate visitors for duplicate website. On Internet there are hundreds and thousands of duplicate content with direct URLs are called Mirror Site


Hidden Text

This Techniques include web page stuff with the keywords, and will be not visible to the Human Eyes. This is done by providing the same color to text and background so that only Search engine should read the text and this will not visible to human eyes.


Tiny Text

Web designer will make the size of text that small where normal Person cannot read. They Include Keyword stuffing in to webpages with smaller size. Such tactic is consider as spam by search engine


Comment Spamming

Including comment in to blog post with backlink for website is termed as a spam by search engines. When a visitors deposits a comment into comment box with anchor tag to link to a specific site is called as Comment spamming by search engines.



All Given Techniques of Black Hat SEO should be avoided while creating webpage or website. Black Hat SEO provide ranking only for short term benefit it don’t not provide a long term benefit to website. Apply White Hat SEO Techniques for ranking your website. Work with On page SEO and Off Page SEO for Ranking your Site for long term. It is the best practice to make your site on Top rank through On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques.

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  1. White hat techniques works but it will take some days. Many don’t understand that and they use blackhat and ruin their site/blog. i am confusing many big seo companies are still using black hat software and techniques, is it safe for those clients who wants quick results?

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